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A0 Posters Size

Everything about <br> A0 Posters

Everything about
A0 Posters

What is the A0 size for posters?

The A0 poster format measures at 841 x 1189 mm and is essentially 16 times the size of an A4 poster; they are the largest common poster formats available. These are typically used as publicity materials in high-traffic areas such as in venues or establishments where people are sure to see them. With their large size, you can incorporate enough visuals and text for an optimal marketing medium.

A0 Poster dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

Paper format: A0 Poster
Dimensions in Millimeters: 841 x 1189 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 84.1 x 118.9 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 33.11 x 46.81 in
__Get your message noticed__

Get your message noticed

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When should I use A0 Posters?

A0 posters make great promotional materials as they are large enough for everyone to see, increasing your brand’s exposure. Furthermore, you can simply put them in places where a lot of people gather such as malls, schools, and or in business fairs.

With the more than sufficient design space that these posters offer, you have the freedom to incorporate as much detail as you want which can make your poster more visually-pleasing and catchy. It also offers ample space for informative content about your brand or any upcoming event your company will be holding. Be it events, products, or brands, you cannot go wrong when advertising with A0 posters.

The big visuals and text should ensure they retain vital details about your brand. Plus, with their size, you can be certain that people will get to see and read their content, increasing the chances of them taking interest in it. As always, people who see it will tell their circle of friends about it, eventually leading to an increase in sales. Although this is not the cheapest option nor the most convenient in terms of logistics, A0 posters can offer a high return on investment which stems from their size.

Aside from this, A0 posters are also available in three poster materials such as the highly-recommended standard 135 gsm gloss, which is ideal for indoors. There is also colour blocking 115 gsm Blueback, which makes for a great material if you plan to have your posters to serve as billboards or put on walls. Lastly, there is the waterproof poster material, which is good outdoors, as it ensures your poster retains its quality regardless of weather conditions.

Choosing A0 poster formats will always be a smart choice as it comes with features that will certainly get your prospects learning more about your brand. To learn more about A0 poster formats, feel free to check with us and we will be glad to show you more about these materials, or head straight to our website and consult our entire offering!

Printing resolution for A0 Posters

Similar to abri or shelter posters, A0 poster formats measuring 841 x 1189 mm also require at least a 3 mm bleed allowance to retain the end quality of the design. When it comes to resolution, your design should be at least 300 dpi and CMYK colour mode should be used for optimal results. Using InDesign Tool is more efficient as it already has the bleed taken into account unlike when you are using Photoshop in which case you need to manually add it.

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