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A6 Menu Card Size

Everything about the<br> A6 Menu Card Size

Everything about the
A6 Menu Card Size

What is the A6 size for Menu Cards?

A6 menu cards are quite small in size with dimensions of 105 x 148 mm; to put this into perspective, it is the equivalent of the 1/4 th of size A4. Such menu cards are commonly used as add-ons to the main menu in restaurants and fast-food chains. They can feature anything, from limited offers, discounts, snacks or special drinks.

A6 Menu Card dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

Paper format: A6 Menu Card
Dimensions in Millimeters: 105 x 148 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 4.13 x 5.83 in
__Display your food <br> in style__

Display your food
in style

Your menu card reflects your dishes, so design it carefully!

When should I use A6 Menu Cards?

As stated above, A6 is mostly considered too small to be used as the main menu of any restaurant or fast food, unless it is a folded menu. This being said, A6 menus remain a popular option for food and drink places as they can be used as an addition to the main menu to put forward special information. Such special information includes temporary dishes and drinks, special offers and discounts. This A6 menu can also serve as a drinks menu. Do you offer customizable or ‘build-your-own’ meals? Why not use an A6 menu to detail the step-by-step ordering process and create a seemingless experience for your guests.

A major advantage is that they are very cost effective thanks to their size and can therefore be ordered frequently and updated along with your deals and limited offers. As always with HelloPrint, these menu cards are fully customisable to your wishes. This way you can be sure to serve a menu that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but which also matches your identity. Wait no longer and do your recipes justice by displaying them on a stunning menu.

At HelloPrint, A6 size menus are available as unfolded menus with 5 different thicknesses to choose from, depending on your budget and on how you want to use them. These go from the slim 90gsm thickness to the solid 400gsm. You may then choose from 4 different finishes to give your menu that extra shine; you can even opt for writable menus! Finally, you can opt for single or double sided printing, up to you. A6 menus are also available as half fold, tri fold, Z fold and cross fold menu cards as well as PVC cards. The choice is for you to make but as always, feel free to contact us for extra guidance.

Printing resolution for A6 Menu Cards

For a clear image of A6 size you will need to set up the right resolution. This would be 105 x 148 mm at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). Using this setup ensures you that your image will be clear and of high quality. Don’t forget to include bleed! A 3 mm bleed on all sides of your design ensures that your printed products will be delivered without a white border. Not sure how to add bleed? InDesign offers a tool with which you can easily add bleed. In Photoshop you would have to add it manually, but to help you with that we have free templates on our product pages. Simply check the template of the product you are going to order and include the bleed accordingly!
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