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Acoustic room divider

Use our Acoustic room divider to separate offices and rooms while reducing noise pollution. With an acoustic partition, you can ensure that your employees and clients can work in an environment where productivity is maximised. Personalise your Acoustic room divider to create the perfect decoration for your space. This acoustic room divider comes with all the necessary accessories and is available with or without wheels. No need to worry about the environmental impact, the acoustic walls are made from 90% cotton fibres from recycled jeans!
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Can be moved easily
  • Perfect for decorating your space

Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork. Click on an instruction for more information.

  1. Add 5 mm bleed.
  2. Keep 10 mm safety margin.
  3. Use CMYK as the colour mode.
  4. Resolution of at least 150 dpi.
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In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

Guide pdf
Sign - 600 x 1600 mm - double sided pdf Adobe indesign
Sign - 600 x 2300 mm - double sided pdf Adobe indesign
Sign - 1000 x 1600 mm - double sided pdf Adobe indesign
Sign - 1250 x 1600 mm - double sided pdf Adobe indesign
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You will find a summary of the most frequently asked questions for this product below.

  1. What are the acoustic panels made from?
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Pros and cons

  • Delivered with all necessary accessories
  • Available with or without wheels
  • It is not possible to hang the panels together

Key specs

  • Acoustic values Basic: 70 NRC
  • Acoustic material Top layer : 100% recycled polyester
    Backing : recycled jeans
  • Print technique Sublimation
  • Print Double sided, full colour
  • Size min : 60 x 160 cm | max : 125 x 230 cm
  • Frame material Aluminium
  • Frame colour Black | White
  • Mobility With or without wheels
  • Accessories - Base plates (with or without wheels)
    - Corner protectors
    - Fasteners
  • Indoor or Outdoor Indoor

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