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Exceptional Service. Went an extra mile. KICC Kingdom Harvest 7.04.2020

HelloPrint's customer service was excellent and delivery was swift. I dealt with about five different members of staff at different points and received the same high level of excellent service. Overall, they were kind, patient and did a fantastic job with our banner. They even help to re-design the submitted work when they found it to be of low resolution, at no extra cost! We will definitely recommend them again and again. Tokky KICC Kingdom Harvest

Great service david s 5.04.2020

Great service . I have used Helloprint 6 times now for booklet printing and you get great service .

Great service!! Caroline Thompson 2.04.2020

Great service!!! Staff couldn’t be more helpful!!

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Packaging printing – an easy opportunity to showcase your brand identity.

Though an essential component for transporting goods, custom printed packaging has become an effective communication method that allows businesses to create a proper brand experience of their own. It’s never been more essential for companies to consider this because in a market driven by business competition, what makes the difference is the loyalty of customers. Currently, image, name value, and appearance often have a greater initial impact in comparison to the quality of a product, and although quality should not be disregarded, creative visual advertising in the age of social media has become a significant component to the success of large, medium and small businesses alike.

Custom printed packaging is something that should ideally be suitable to be put in transit, and delivered by any courier whether through international parcel couriers like DPD or the Royal Mail. What’s now just as important, is a company's approach to the look of their custom product packaging – does it look attractive for example? Focusing on this detail allows you to significantly increase the added value of the items you sell. Many companies and charities have used this strategy to make their business model appeal to consumers. Even without offering the latest and greatest product, it is not unheard of for companies to achieve notable sales simply by perfecting their visual branding. You don’t need an established multimedia presence or corporate production chain to achieve good results on a local to international scale – you’re already off to a good start with a unique graphic design illustration in PDF format, and a reliable online printer with a competitive price list.

Why is custom packaging so beneficial for your brand?

Incorporating your logo and marketing message into packaging printing shouldn’t be underestimated. Perfecting your business’s advertising approach to custom boxes can help your brand gain more awareness and become better established; growing its presence within your industry and amongst local residents. The brilliance of custom boxes and packages is that they’re not confined to one type of company. Doesn’t matter if you own a shop, cater to hospitality events, private weddings, rumbling tummies (so, restaurants, pubs, cafés, or food stalls) or launch tech products; creative packaging can improve your reputation either way. After all, it’s what will arrive at receptions and front doorsteps - the first impression customers and clients will get of your promotional material, which’ll have the company name, logo, and message included!

With the development of e-commerce companies, there’s likely more parcel delivery than before – more competitive options too. This means your business will grow by fulfilling the primary purpose of packaging printing i.e. protecting fragile products, where enhancing the technical factors of your custom boxes will become a marketing asset as well. You will impress customers by ensuring that your packaging is tough, sturdy and in some cases, water resistant too because smart use of materials communicates a trustworthy impression to consumers; they will feel confident ordering with your service again and will be optimistic to share their good experiences, which can also lead to positive social promotion as well.

Beyond the technical characteristics of custom packaging boxes, they, like other forms of packaging can become a powerful tool for spreading your brand identity. When printed with a logo, an original design, and illustrated with professional colours – your custom parcel, envelope, or box can go hand in hand with anyone of your advertising campaigns. Yes, tailoring your product packaging to appeal to consumers is a useful step to start establishing customer loyalty; this will work well during seasonal holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter events that are popular in the UK and can be personalised to strengthen business partnerships with customers, partners and employees.

How to print the right type of custom printed boxes to represent your business?

In order for your packaging to perfectly represent your business, you will need to ensure certain details such as the production materials, the type of printing (screen printing, digital printing, offset printing, etc.) and the striking graphic design are considered. How does the parcel feel in the hands, how does it look – does it feel expensive to the customer? To accomplish that, it’s a matter of choosing the right professional packaging printing that achieves high-quality results at an affordable price tag.

What can also work well is packaging that is labelled with essential information, features, and of course your logo, and unique selling points. Remember, personalised packaging are the first glimpse of your brand identity and can allow you to stand out from the competition. It can also be that thoughtful way to interact with your audience; a gift that is offered to loyal customers on a birthday or at the end of the year is also a great tool to create a special and personal bond with those you do business with.

Just know that Helloprint can be your ideal packaging supplier; specialising in organising your bespoke printouts that you’ll feel proud representing your goods. Our offers, deals, and services are well tested by satisfied professionals, and our cost-effective printing solutions come with no hidden charges, just free shipping regardless of your order quantity. No worries necessary when you order with our friendly team online!

It’s always nice to receive a gift or delivery, more so if it’s stored in well-made and well-designed packaging. Packaging like cardboard boxes and cheap gift boxes not only store, protect, and preserve the item inside but they also make people want to buy more of your products. Creative packaging also gives a whole different experience for the recipient of the gift or delivery. Fancy packing boxes or even packaging with a purposefully placed logo can give the impression that the sender cares about the recipient’s experience.

Gifts and deliveries aren’t the only things that need packaging. Food packaging is also essential in making meals and beverage easier to transport and preventing spoilage or contamination. They are also great marketing tools that help reinforce the presence and recognition of your brand. It differentiates your product from your competitor’s products and makes people want to purchase your product even if they haven’t tried it yet. Branded packaging also elevates the feel of the product no matter how simple it is.

Stay ahead of the competition by having sturdy, well-designed quality packaging for gifts, food and beverage, and other items that need packing boxes. Helloprint offers a wide range of fast, affordable, and effective packaging solutions for all your shipping needs from shipping boxes to wrapping paper.