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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protective & Communicative Products

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Custom Face Masks (non-medical)

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Our predesigned face masks

You don't have a design ready yet for your face masks? Discover our brand new range of preprinted face masks with trendy designs.

Coronavirus safety signs and communication products

Only together will we defeat the coronavirus. You can contribute to this as a company and we are here to help you! With these products, you can both protect and inform your customers, staff and environment about the measurements in your store or office building. We have even prepared designs for you to use for free!

Stand Together with Anti COVID-19 Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pre-made designs?

Several products come with pre-made designs, such as the banners, posters, shirts and buttons. Helloprint has created these designs that have an attractive layout in order to draw attention, but also have all the required information to keep you, your customers and environment safe.
If you want to use your own design for any of the above products, then please look at the general products that come without a preset design.

How to keep your shop safe?

The best way to keep your shop safe is to operate sensibly and follow governmental instructions. You can do this by having clear instructions posted for your customers and employees, informing them of the steps that you have taken and what is required from them in your store/business. As well as making sure that your employees have the proper protection, such as; gloves, masks and plexiglass for the counters to name a few.

How do you use the products?

Think of the products as coming in two different categories in the fight against Corona. The first being personal protection; the products that you can use to directly protect yourself and others, masks or hand sanitiser are great examples of this.
The second is informing those in your environment about the rules/steps that should be taken. This is obviously a less direct approach, as you cannot control what other people do, but by making the rules apparent and sticking to them yourselves, hopefully this will inspire others to do so as well. The prime examples of products that do this are; posters, t-shirts and buttons.
Therefore, in order to maximise the effectiveness and protection offered from anti-corona products and keep yourself, colleagues and environment safe, the best thing to do is have a combination of the directly protective and the informative products.

What are the delivery times?

Depending on the complexity and quantity of your order, delivery could be as early as next day, especially if you go for an order with a pre-made design. However, times being what they are, this is not a service we can guarantee for every product. The usual amount of time it takes for production and delivery is around 5 working days. You can find the exact delivery times per product after filling out your order, at the bottom of the product page

Are the masks certified?

Most of the masks are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means they have been tested for any harmful substances and approved for customer use and safety. Please consult here for more information. And on the masks themselves or to have a look at our full range, you can find them here
  • Use regularly for flyers, posters and newsletters. Always good on price, quality and delivery.

    Wayne Fisher
  • Great product and quality. Delivery was really quick and the design of the website made it user-friendly and accessible.

    Alex Pearson
  • High quality of print, easy to use, quick turnaround - I got it all with HelloPrint: order placed on Monday morning arrived Wednesday afternoon. Not sure what else one will need from printing company.

    Ayk Stepanyan
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