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Custom printed balloons

Printed balloons are always a great way to boost your company's visibility in a festive way! Personalise your balloons with your name, logo or message for even more impact!

Need some inspiration?

When you're organising an event, there are a lot of things you have to take care of. And with so many possibilities, choosing the right printed products for your business is easier said than done. Even when you know exactly what you want, you need the right inspiration to make your print look the part. Which ever phase you are in, we have got your back. Check out our best read blog articles on print marketing for events.

Balloon Printing: An easy way for your brand to stand out!

Have you used branded balloons before? They’re a professional, low-cost, and unique way to promote your brand that you may not have considered (but should). Although many will assume that printed balloons are intended as personalised birthday balloons, they’re actually an alternative and fun way to drum-up some attention for your business or a product launch. You won’t even have to ‘break the bank’ to order them, since they can be organised at a low price-point. Different types of printed signage shouldn’t be underestimated, however coordinating it with hand-held promotional balloons will definitely take on some of the ‘heavy lifting’, despite their light weight. It is actions like this on the part of your business that’ll first create interest for your brand, to later highlight your value to customers as well. It may seem straight-forward, but filled latex balloons combined with your logo or message can both advertise your brand or website, and transform a bare space into something more vibrant and exciting. That goes for decorating any venue like conferences, workshops, festivals, clubs, exhibitions and corporate spaces. How will you use them?

Printed Balloons for all occasions: A fun and thoughtful giveaway item.

Branded balloons are much more than a freebie you can giveaway to potential customers or clients. They’re something associated with celebration and good times, meaning they are a different way to engage your target audience. This is worth considering for new customers in particular, as this gives them more reasons to justify choosing your services for a party, wedding or other professional event over your competitors. With direct marketing techniques, balloons come in handy because they can be simply designed, printed and easily distributed; standing out in customers’ memories, as they will remember your services. This boosts the possibility that they will also make use of them in the future.

It’s the simple yet original gifts like these that establish client loyalty and help recipients think positively of your brand, which is necessary to ensure customers return for the right reasons. This is even more so the case, when you consider that inflated balloons are suitable for all ages. Children of customers will be delighted to receive something entertaining, just as their parents will appreciate that their loved ones have been considered. They could also be used for an exclusive launch, or complemented by garlands, bouquets and other special arrangements. That’s why what you want is something efficient and affordable to help promote, especially when you want to diversify your marketing merchandise. This is even more useful if your business needs cost-effective giveaway inflatables and items to gift at trade shows. Think about it, you can easily slip an air balloon into a goodie bag to compliment your brochure, printed pen and a notebook; or you could simply use them for office celebrations and events.

Personalised Balloons: How their size and colour can boost your promotions!

When it comes to balloon printing, what’s is useful to know is that a vector-PDF file is generally used to print balloons which will be in one colour. With this in mind, you’ll build brand familiarity if you choose a promotional balloon colour as well as coordinate your design to match your company colours. You can also emphasise your logo to really help your brand stand out and be seen from far away by ensuring there is enough contrast between your logo and the balloon colour. This is useful to consider if you want to use corporate printed balloons in-side or outside. For example, a coloured big balloon will surely be noticeable indoors, whereas metallic coloured balloons would make your custom printed balloons more striking outside; they’ll bound to shimmer when the light catches them whatever the weather.

Considering the colours you choose with balloon printing can also support the accessories you match to your company’s personalised balloons like balloon ribbons or sticks. It’s also possible that for an event you’ll make use of a balloon stand to both display your branded balloons in clusters, and efficiently gift them to interested passer-by’s. Here, considering the balloon size is helpful as you’ll need to think of accessories that are both practical, and can accommodate the size of the balloons when inflated. So, branded balloons can easily be seen and noticed in indoors, or catch the eye when placed outside and move in the wind; it’s just a matter of thinking, what is more effective for my business?

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    Super quick and easy process!

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    I am extremely happy with the quality of my Self Care Notepads. They arrived a lot quicker than expected. They weren't due to arrive until 4 January. They are good quality. This hasn't diminished with recycled paper, which was my hesitation when I chose the paper type. It is so much better than I expected. I am looking forward to selling these very soon at: Thank you Hello Print. The process was straight forward too.

    Emily - Lunar Pumpkin
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