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Personalised pens

A penny for your thoughts? Maybe you'd rather have a pen for your thoughts. Stay inspired with personalised pens.

What would you like to ink?

We cover all writing occasions...

Event Giveaway
Event Giveaway

Increase brand awareness by giving away budget friendly pens at your next event. You are not dreaming, it is possible to impress your customers at a low price.

In the Office
In the Office

If you want the perfect pen for your office that looks professional and you can personalise, look no further.


Made almost entirely out of recycled PET bottles, this pen combines the best of both worlds - style and sustainability.

From the blog.

Helloprint was launched with one big mission; making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

What makes printed Ballpoint Pens ideal corporate gifts

Corporate gifting is a common practice by many companies to strengthen their ties with their business partners. If you are unsure as to what to give your business associates then you consider picking our custom pens.

Why choose our cost-efficient Ballpoint Pens?

Pens come in a wide variety and you can be sure to find one that will suit your budget. For instance, we have budget pens that are available in a wide range of colours to match the brand theme of your business partner. In fact, you can submit your own personal design, and as long as the meet our submission specifications, we will imprint it on your pens, exactly how you want it. With this, you get to save money, while still being able to show your apreciation to your business associates.

Will our Custom Pens remain relevant?

While transferring information has gradually moved from conventional to digital means, taking down notes on a piece of paper using a ballpoint pen is still useful. After all, handwritten notes aren't easily deleted or stolen. Furthermore, the information you write using custom pens will always be readily available even when you are not in front of a computer. That is why it makes perfect sense to send your business partner our Basic Pens to show them your support as well as to give them a reliable alternative when writing down data.

What makes our Personalised Pens convenient?

You want your corporate gift to not only express your appreciation to your business partners, but to also make their lives easier. With our personalised pens you can be sure that they will be at ease as our pens are reilable, easy to use and practical: Small enough to fit in any pocket and can serve as a conveninet way to write down vital information while on the go.

Our Premium Matt Ballpoint Pens make for a perfect choice as you can engrave your business associate’s brand logo on these durable blue-ink pens. Not only are they handy to have in the office but their classy look will surely complement the professional atmosphere of any workplace.

Count on Helloprint to have an extensive selection of products that can serve as a great corporate gift. Just get in touch with us online via chat and we will be more than happy to recommend products that any business partner will surely appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to print a ballpoint pen?

At Helloprint, we always strive to offer you the most competitive prices for all your printing needs, and this counts also for our printed ballpoint pens! In order to make our prices as clear and transparent as possible, all our prices are “all inclusive”: product, personalisation, quantities, set up fee, and delivery; the price you see is the price you pay, no unwelcome surprises!

How long does it take to print a promotional pen?

We offer various turnaround times for our promotional pens in order to match all our customers needs. Our delivery times vary based on the printing technique, model and amount you choose. In a hurry? Discover our pens available with fast delivery like for our: Clexton pen or our; Dartpolish pen with full colour printing.

What printing techniques are available for your personalised pens?

Depending on the type of pen you choose and the number of colours represented in your design, we offer a vast range of personalisation options to help represent your brand's identity! To personalise your pens, we offer the following techniques:
- Pad printing: Ideal to print a company logo, you can choose between 1 and 4 PMS colours. The printing is done by pressing a silicone stamp onto your pens. Because of the flexibility of the stamp, the shape of the product has little to no negative effect on the printing process.
- Full colour printing: Perfect to print a design with more than 4 colours or including gradients. Printing your pens in full colour also enables you to choose our faster delivery options!
- Laser Engraving: For this technique you cannot choose the colour of your logo as it is engraved in the material. It’s a very sustainable type of customisation which gives a luxurious look to your pens!

How many printed pens can be ordered?

To answer all your printing needs, we strive to offer small as well as very large quantities for your promotional pens. The minimum amounted of pens required varies based on the printing technique, quantity and model of pens you choose, the smallest amount being 25 pens. If you are looking for loads of promotional pens, then look no further! And if the quantity you are looking for is somehow not available, just ask us for a quote.

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  • Absolutely excellent service and we are delighted with the flyers. Lovely quality and colour.

  • The ordering and artwork upload are easy to use. The turnaround time was better than promised and the print quality was brilliant. Thanks

    Alan Simmonds
  • Great pricing, quality and service. Thanks.

    Keith Hodgson

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