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Free Banner Templates

Free Banner Templates

Using this free banner designer you can let your creative juices flow! Creating a banner online has never been so easy.

Design your own banners online: What templates can you choose from?

For every kind banner, a design is template available! It's very simple: the only thing you need to do is search for the template in the tool and discover thousands of options. Your perfect banners, right in front of you! Let's look at some template ideas that you can choose from:

Designing a banner: what to keep in mind

When designing a banner, there are a few simple things to keep in mind to attract the right audience and portray the right message. Let's look at some aspects to keep in mind to create a good and creative banner:

Colours, images and graphics

Colours, images and graphics

The use of colour and graphics are so important when it comes to designing a banner. You want to make sure your business stands out while sticking to your brand's colour theme and logo, without making it too busy or over complicated. Make sure to keep it bold and simple.

The placement of elements

The placement of elements

The position of your logo and important information should be very clear and visible from all angles. Check for spelling mistakes and make sure the message makes sense!

The message and your audience

The message and your audience

This is probably the most important element to keep in mind. Know your audience and the message you want to portray. A good banner makes sure that a (potential) customer's engagement with your banner is exactly like you imagined. Make sure to add call to actions and contact details, for example.

How to design and print your banner online

How to design and print your banner online

  • Select your free banner template (1000+ available!)

  • Make your design personal with images, fonts, icons and graphics

  • Finish and approve your design

  • Wait for your banners to be delivered to your doorstep


What are banners and which templates can I choose from?

Banners are effective marketing tools, suited for indoor and outdoor use. With lots of material options and inspiration to create a beautiful design, there is a banner design template for everyone.

Are you looking for a banner to accompany your shop activities? Take a look at the shop banner designs. Are you a teacher and looking for a way to welcome your students back in class? Create a beautiful back to school banner design! When you want to promote sports events, the sports banner designs are perfect for you. If you want to inform your customers about any Covid regulations and safekeeping, the Covid banner designs are the right fit for your goal.

What are the maximum sizes for banners on Canva?

The maximum size of portrait banners is 914mm x 1829mm
The maximum size of landscape banners is 1829mm x 914mm

What colour values do I need to be aware of when creating my banner online?

When creating your design, keep in mind that there are two types of black: standard black and rich black. Standard black uses only black ink (100% K), whereas rich black contains elements of other colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow). For example:
Cyan: 60% Magenta: 40% Yellow: 40% Black: 100%
Because rich black uses more ink, the resulting colour will be deeper and more saturated.

Can I download my banner design without printing?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service at the moment and you can only download your design once you have ordered your print. Our teams are working hard to be able to provide this feature in the future.
We want to see your design come alive, with Helloprint we can guarantee you that you will always be offered the best price when printing. So don't hesitate!

What are the next steps after finishing your design?

Once you have finished creating your design in the free online design tool, the next step is to click through the design proofing instructions, e.g "check the danger zone" to make sure your banner prints correctly.
There are examples to follow of how your artwork needs to meet the printing guidelines, our chat and phone lines are also open if you need further guidance. Failure to complete this correctly can result in your unwanted mistakes and Helloprint can take no responsibility for these issues.

Get inspired by all the amazing template options for your design!