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Beach Flag Printing

Need to grab attention? Printed beach flags provide great opportunities to generate traffic to your store or building and increase brand awareness.

Recycled RPET is our Standard Material

Fully Recycled

Fully Recycled

We're proud to announce our standard beach flags are now made from 100% recycled PET bottles, reducing environmental impact by using fewer virgin resources.

The Same High Quality

The Same High Quality

We commit to sustainability without compromising quality. Our RPET flags are as durable and reliable as before, maintaining high standards in all weather conditions.

Cheapest on the Market

Cheapest on the Market

Sustainability and quality don't have to be expensive! Our beach flags are now even cheaper, making it easy for everyone to make a conscious, affordable choice.

Choose RPET for durable and high-quality flags

We’ve made the decision to replace the conventional material used in flags with a recycled alternative for printed flags. Our new Standard Durable RPET material is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, using less virgin resources to be made. This material is an ideal option for beach flags, as it is durable and weather-resistant. It can stay intact up to 50 km/h wind speed due to its breathable open structure. By choosing this material you support our mission to reduce the carbon footprint of the printing industry.

Beach Flag Reviews: Why Customers Love Our Products

  • 7.05.2024

    Great quality and service

    Great quality and service. Highly recommneded!

    Lorens Design
  • 25.04.2024

    Great service and product

    Great service and product

    Syeed Ali
  • 19.03.2024

    Great service

    Great service

  • 15.09.2023

    Excellent quality

    Excellent quality, price and delivery well in time for deadline. Will use again without hesitation. Rotary Club of Loddon Vale.

    Derek Murphy
  • 19.08.2023

    Beach Flag…..Excellent Item!!

    Fast production and excellent item, high quality material and print. Very quick response to questions when asked. Always find to be good competitive pricing but it’s knowing you have a supplier you can trust is the key for me.

  • 28.07.2023

    Quick service and high quality!

    Quick service and high quality!

    Lauren Burr

Captivate attention effectively with Beachflags

Large brands invest millions to catch your eye, but how can you achieve great marketing results affordably? High quality Beach Flags are the perfect solution. Its vibrant colours and size make them excellent at capturing attention, which is why Beach Flags remains a popular form of marketing. Think about it, to turn attention into action, you need to capture interest within the first 3 seconds. A clear and concise message is key; something a passer-by can read quickly and understand immediately. Busy designs on your Beach Flag might divert attention from the essential message you want to convey.

5 quick benefits of Beach Flags

Imagine encountering countless ads on your lunch break: from walls to store entrances. In a world overwhelmed with advertising, why should Beach Flags be a key part of your marketing strategy? Here are five compelling reasons to consider Beach Flags:

- Achieve a professional look at a small cost
- Easy way to grab attention and fuel interest
- Effortlessly set up both indoors and outdoors.
- Easy to dismantle and move, perfect for on-the-go advertising.
- Compact enough to fit in a standard car, complete with a handy carrying case.

How do you choose the right Beach Flag fabric?

It may not seem like the most important detail, but using the right type of fabric for your Beach Flags plays a large role in maintaining its colour and extending its lifespan.

When it comes to RPET material, it’s good to keep the venue in mind. If all the business occasions you generally attend are indoors, then it’s an easy choice. Not only are the colours of the design striking on the fabric, but the slight gloss finish to the flag is a real eye catcher at events. RPET material has nice hemmed edges to boost good first impressions of your business, and is still durable enough to be used outdoors when the weather isn’t too testy.

On the other hand, if you can anticipate rain or heavy winds, then longlife material will satisfy your needs better. The printed material will display your designs all the same, however it is complimented by small permeable holes that allow the printed flags to manoeuvre through the wind. The fabric is also sturdy enough that it doesn’t need to be hemmed, but don’t worry - it won’t fray!

Beach flags are an easy way to generate visibility and convince consumers to actually find out more about your services, so no need to worry about immediately providing all the answers, but make sure to choose the right material.

How to assemble a Beach Flag

1. Choose a suitable location with ample space and maximum visibility.
2. Unpack all components, including the flag fabric and pole sections.
3. Connect the pole sections by joining them together, starting with the base section and adding the others until the pole is complete.
4. Slide the flag fabric onto the top end of the pole, ensuring it is secure and covers the entire length.
5. Secure the flag by using the tie provided.
Take a step back, admire your flag, and make any final adjustments if needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a printed beach flag?

A printed beach flag is a type of promotional flag perfect for showcasing your brand. Our custom beach flags are mounted on a flexible pole and can be easily assembled. Beach flags are most often used to display logos, branding, messages, or graphics, making them an effective advertising and marketing tool. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, they’re also perfectly suitable to be used indoors. Check out our wide variety of beach flags accessories to find the best base for you.

How can I set up my beach flag?

You can find detailed instructions and a helpful video guide on how to set up beach flags on the bottom of our beach flag product pages.

Which production technique is used for printing beach flags?

We use a print technique called sublimation. Sublimation is a printing technique that involves high-temperature application, where eco-friendly water-based ink permeates directly into the material. The result is a flexible and waterproof material that maintains its integrity.

Can I order a single customised beach flag, or is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity for our custom printed beach flags. The flags and their accessories are all available from just one piece.

Which type of beach flag would be good for both indoor and outdoor use?

All of our beach flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply choose the appropriate base that fits your flag and the desired placement area.

Which flag bases or accessories are compatible with beach flags?

At HelloPrint, we offer a variety of beach flag bases. Before placing your order, it's important to ensure that the chosen base is a fit for your beach flag.
  • Parasol Base: The most popular choice, versatile for both stable and unstable surfaces, providing reliable support.
  • Black Base Plate: Sporting a classic look, this base comes in two popular sizes, offering a sturdy foundation for your beach flag.
  • Wall Suspension: Offering three suspension options, this base allows easy attachment to any surface, ensuring flexibility in placement.
  • Cross Foot: Lightweight and perfect for indoor use, this base provides stability without compromising mobility.
  • Plastic Screw Base: Designed to let your flag move with the wind, this base allows dynamic flag movement and prevents damage from strong gusts.
  • Metal Ground Spike: Crafted from durable steel, this base is the go-to choice for outdoor settings, providing robust support even in challenging conditions.
  • Water Bag: When paired with another base, this water bag adds extra stability, keeping your beach flag firmly in place.
  • Rotator: To maximise visibility and ensure your flag remains in motion, the rotator is an excellent addition to your beach flag setup.

Do you have eco-friendly beach flags?

Opt for an eco-friendly choice by selecting the recycled material for your feather flag, teardrop beach flag, or rectangle beach flag. The PET material, with a weight of 110 gsm and a fine structure, is skilfully hemmed to prevent fraying.

Which beach flag materials can I choose from?

Depending on the beach flag you opt for, you have three material options to choose from.
  • Air Mesh Material: 120 gsm canvas with tiny holes for strong wind resistance, ideal for open areas and beaches.
  • Standard Flag Material: Classic 110 gsm flag canvas with a glossy look, great for advertising on busy shopping streets.
  • Recycled Material: 110 gsm PET material with fine structure, hemmed to prevent fraying.