10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas

Get those shopping carts ready! It’s time for Black Friday. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Hundreds of customers will be clamouring to get the best deals and the biggest discounts.

There are plenty of opportunities for boosting business during this shopping event. Here are 10 Black Friday campaign ideas you can do to create a successful shopping event:

1. Hype It Up

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 1. Hype It Up

Hype up your customers weeks before the Black Friday starts. Generate excitement through teasers of all the Black Friday goodies you have in your shop. They also catch people’s attention and spike their interest.

Plan the release of your sneak peeks reveal in your Black Friday marketing strategy. You need to build anticipation in the days leading up to the event.

Use different media to reveal your sneak peeks. Put up outdoor advertisements like posters and banners or post videos and GIFs to tease customers on your Black Friday deals.

Don’t forget to build on the Christmas theme. Most shoppers will be on the search for Christmas gifts, so make sure they know you can offer them the perfect gift. 

2. You’ve Got Mail

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 2. You’ve Got Mail

Everyone is looking for good deals even before Black Friday. Email marketing is a great way to tell customers about your offers before and during the shopping holiday. Announce all your Black Friday promotions for limited offers, discount codes, and special deals to everyone in your mailing list.

Use your database wisely by sorting your customers into different categories. Create a tailored message for each category for more effective email marketing.

3. Buying Blues Solved

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 3. Buying Blues Solved

With Christmas being so close, Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for the holidays. However, it can be hard to choose what gifts to buy with so many items for sale.

Create Black Friday gift guides for specific customer categories. Make gift guides for couples, singles, or even families. Not only will this marketing strategy making shopping easier, but it is also a way for customers to find you during the holiday season.

Gift guides can be displayed through different media such as blog posts, promotional emails, or even a printed booklet. They can even be a page on your website where customers can buy the items in the collection in just a few clicks.

4. Special Delivery

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 4. Special Delivery

With so many companies advertising online, it’ll be hard to make your message heard amidst the noise. Make your Black Friday promotions stand out by using offline marketing strategies.

Direct mail is an effective offline marketing strategy. In this digital age, some customers are still delighted to find something in the mail. Send customers Black Friday flyers, vouchers, coupons, and gift cards through the mail.

5. Purchase Plus Present

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 5. Purchase Plus Present

Give customers a free gift with their purchase as a token of gratitude for their patronage. Simple corporate gifts give a lasting impression and inspire customers to come back to your shop throughout the year.

Offer them simple but useful gifts such as personalised towels, shot glasses, and custom USB sticks that will add value to their lives.

6. Better Together

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 6. Better Together

Black Friday bundles are another great campaign idea. Create holiday bundles instead of selling products individually. They make great presents to give to friends, families, and coworkers. They’re also a great way to upsell customers to a slightly higher price point.

Bundle related items together into a gift set. Skincare and hair care items are a great example of holiday bundles you can sell to customers.

7. Loyalty Has Its Rewards

While gaining new customers is important, it is also vital that you take care of your loyal customers who have supported your brand through repeat purchases.

Treat them with exclusive deals and discounts only they have access to. This marketing strategy encourages them to patronise and make repeat purchases on your store. It is also a gesture of gratitude for their loyalty to your brand.

8. It’s A Party!

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 8. It’s A Party!

It’s so close to Christmas already. Why not make Black Friday a celebration?

Give customers memorable shopping experiences by making Black Friday into a joyous event. Play cheerful music to get everyone into a good shopping mood. You can even serve snacks and refreshments to restore your customers’ shopping energy.

Highlight all these little features in your Black Friday promotions, whether you’re using flyers, posters, or social media.

9. Don’t Miss It

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 9. Don’t Miss It

Did customers miss out on Black Friday? Give them another chance to snag some goodies by extending your Black Friday sale. Customers will want to make last-minute holiday purchases.

Plan for the extended sale in your campaign calendar already. Prepare your Black Friday promotions ahead of time so you can promote the extension immediately online and offline.

10. Above and Beyond

10 Black Friday Campaign Ideas | 10. Above and Beyond

Black Friday can be stressful whether you’re shopping online or shopping in a physical store. Take the initiative to offer simple services that will make the holidays easier for customers.

Even the simplest things can delight your customers. Here are some campaign ideas for enhancing their shopping experience:

  • Open gift-wrapping stations where customers can have their purchases wrapped for free.
  • Set up a seating area where customers can rest their feet.
  • Validate their parking after ringing up their purchases.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase revenue during Black Friday! We’d love to hear what campaign ideas are you doing for your Black Friday marketing strategy.