10 Cool Face Mask Designs to Inspire You

10 Cool Face Mask Designs to Inspire You

The coronavirus has meant our usual habits have had to change in order to keep everyone safe. Now that society is slowly picking its activities back up and adapting to the situation, we must follow official directives: wash your hands often, avoid physical contact, and wear face masks where and when appropriate.

You can start by finding out which are the best masks for you. Whichever you choose, you want to encourage everybody to wear them.

A good way to show that staying safe is not a chore, is to get involved and make it something fun, fashionable even. It is now very easy to make your own design thanks to online design tools such as Canva, offering thousands of pictures, icons and patterns. 

You want to design your own to stay safe and look good at the same time? Here is some inspiration for easy designs to make your own personalised mask!

Creative/Illusionary masks

You may want yours to look natural, or even blend in. With a little twist, it can be quite amusing… Check out our ideas below: 

1. Animal mouth for kids

Kids get bored easily. It can be difficult to get them involved in staying safe. Why not print an animal mouth on the protective mask to make it pleasant to wear? They can wear it proudly and show off to all their friends. Thus, encouraging more kids to do the same! Don’t forget to get special sized face masks for children.

2. Smile

A simple yet wholesome look, to remind people there are always things to smile about. 

3. Real face

If you had issues unlocking your phone with face recognition these days, this design is for you. Printing a real face mask is a great way to give people a good laugh. Go for your own, a friend’s or a celebrity’s and make people guess! 

Simple patterns

If you want to go for something more simple yet original, you can look for cool mask patterns such as:

4. Geometric pattern

Definitely a modern design, a colourful geometric pattern is great to wear for a stroll in town. Choose basic colours like black and white to go with any clothing. You are certain your mask will look dashing, and will compliment your outfit to perfection. Make sure the printing quality is good enough to guarantee the best results for your personalised face mask. Luckily, such high print quality can be found at Helloprint!

5. Floral pattern

A classic for a distinguished spring/summery look. Choose lighter colours to make your design look less stuffed. Social distancing has never been so fashionable!

6. Tropical pattern

Tropical patterns have become very popular everywhere. Even for mask fashion. It is now very easy to find such cool mask patterns online or even make your own.

7. Japanese pattern

Much like the tropical ones, the zen and noble look that traditional Japanese designs create, makes them eternally popular fashion pieces, for everyone no matter age or gender. With no more than 2 or 3 tones and simple shapes, they are easy to design. You can also easily find them online to simply print on your personalised mask.

Pop culture / Geeky Designs

Do you want a funny reference to pop culture? Here is our selection to make you stand out from the crowd!

8. Superhero

Another alternative to get kids motivated to stay safe are of course: Superheroes! Spiderman’s costume is a very easy design to find or to make yourself. As long as you don’t reproduce the famous Spiderman kiss, you will be safe from the coronavirus too!

9. Star wars

When mentioning pop culture, Star Wars is an obvious choice. Why not recreate famous designs like; Darth Vador, Chewbacca or Stromtroopers as an original face mask? Personalise yours and choose if you will give in to the dark side or not… 

10. Japanese mask

Another type of design again coming from Japan, the oni mask. “Oni” means “Demon” in Japanese. The design of the “Oni” has been around for centuries and has been entertaining people with stories, plays and their distinctive look. Why not make it your own and surprise everyone around you?

To make things even easier for you we have made predesigned face masks that you can buy without having to worry about submitting your own design. What do you think about what we came up with?

We hope we inspired you with some easy face mask designs! What did you think? Do you have any ideas or designs of your own? Please let us know in the comments below!