10 Great Flyer Examples

10 Great Flyer Examples

Well-designed flyers can do wonders for your business. They’re an amazing but simple marketing tool especially when you’re on a budget. The best flyers catch attention, give clear information to the intended reader.

1. Thinking Outside the Box

Not Another Launch Party Flyer Artwork, Created by Pedro Muniz

Going experimental with your flyer design can be risky. However, if done right, you’re left with a completely unconventional yet stunning flyer design.

Take this Not Another Launch Party flyer as inspiration. The collage-like style creates a hip and modern feeling to the event. The combination of classical art and modern shapes and colours also gives a very classy and exclusive impression. Though the majority of the colours are very muted, the use of bright neon colours brings it to life. Despite the somewhat asymmetrical layout, it has room for all the important details you need to know.

2. Playing with Text

Daft Punk Flyers, Created by Gabriele Boggio

You don’t always need to use photos and cool visuals to win someone over. Take these Daft Punk flyers as inspiration. These flyers only use type for its design. It’s also completely black and white. Despite the limited colours and graphics, the designer uses all of this to his advantage. The flyer design plays around with the layout and the shape and form of the letters. The contrast between the white and black creates a strong and bold statement. Though it plays around with the layout and the text, it still makes the event information clear and readable.

3. Simple But Striking

Panama Plus Festival 2015, Created by Moby Digg

Simple doesn’t always have to be boring. The vibrant colours used in these flyers for the Panama Plus Festival 2015 not only captures the vibrant spirit of the festival but also catches people’s attention. A glitch effect is also added to give the flyer design something extra. The big, bold letters used for the event details also won’t be easy to miss.

4. Lines All the Way

Riso Workshop, Created by Happyending Studio

This flyer maximises the use out of a double-sided flyer. The front side of the flyer design captures your attention while the other side is filled with the necessary information about the Riso Workshop.

The design of the flyer is very simple but interesting enough that people will take notice. The line art makes for an interesting graphic for riso printing. It also makes use of the colours pink and red colours, a colour combination not used often.

5. Consistency is Key

Sun Festival 2017, Created by Attila Hadnagy

For huge events like festivals, more than one flyer design is often created to feature all the events, exhibitions, and performances. To unify all these different designs, people use the same branding elements such as colours, formats, or fonts.

In the case of the Sun Festival 2017, they do exactly that, using the same logo, fonts, and colours in all of their flyers. In the flyers featuring the festival performers, they even use the logo as a frame for their photos. Another thing to note about these great flyers is how it incorporates the event information into the graphics itself. It’s not just placed in an empty spot in the flyer.

6. The Right Amount of Edgy

Flyer – TABATENU, Created by Eric Mello

Though the black and white portraits in this flyer are already a statement in itself, it’s brought to life by adding bright-coloured handmade typography. The contrast between the black and white photos and the gritty, neon lettering gives the poster a lot of attitude and personality.

This kind of flyer design is great at hyping up the event. Featuring all these performers give the people something to be excited about when they come to the event.

7. Go with the Flow

Atomic Fridays – March 2017, Created by Santino Safari

Once in a while, try something fun and different with your flyers. In this great flyer by Santino Safari, the main illustration included all the event details such as the dates and featured performers into the illustration itself. It’s drawn in such a way that you’re made to look at every detail of the poster. The flow of the smoke leads you all the way from the first performance up to the last.

8. Festive Feels

Fred Events, Created by Goooood Company

Another example of a great flyer are these flyers for Fred Events. These square-shaped flyers use very modern fonts, lines, and layouts. These elements are then paired with hand-drawn illustrations that give an organic and casual vibe. The bright, vibrant colours also give a fun and festive vibe to the event. All the necessary details can also be found in all the flyers, including hashtags and an RSVP link.

9. Story Time

Hop Along @ Samo Poster, Created by Michele Bruttomesso

If you’re looking to include hand-drawn elements into your design, draw inspiration from this flyer by Michele Bruttomesso. Not only does she use handmade illustrations for this flyer, but she also uses a handmade font. These kinds of graphics give an organic and dream-like feel that leaves people curious. It also makes good use of the complementary colours orange and blue.

10. 3D Elements

Another good way to up your flyer game is by adding 3D elements to it. One of the growing graphic design trends is using 3D objects in print materials. For the Subculture Festival 2016 flyer, this gives it an unusual, 90’s television sitcom-feel that plays into the “theatre” theme of the event. It’s elements and layout are mesmerising to look at. It also leaves people curious about what’s in store for them at this event.

Subculture Festival 2016,Created by Nicoletta Aveni

So now you’re fully inspired and ready to make your very own eye-catching flyers!