10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery

10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery

Want an advertising tool that is both influential and functional on a day-to-day basis? You need branded stationery. Showcase your brand identity by creating corporate stationery for your business. While they are useful tools in the office, they’re also valuable marketing tools that express credibility, professionalism, and legitimacy to customers and fellow businesses.

Designing a cohesive set of stationery can do wonders for your business’ image. Draw inspiration from these stunning branded stationery examples:

1. Bare Beauty

1. Bare Beauty | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: We Print Nice Things Branding by Noemie Le Coz

Sometimes a business’ branding truly shines when a minimalist approach is used in their printed stationery. The stationery design for We Prince Nice Things is cohesive despite the minimal elements. It relies on colours and line elements to create consistency from business cards to letterheads. Though minimalist, it still feels very humanistic.

2. Unexpected Branding

2. Unexpected Branding | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Pot Wash Josh Brand Identity by Sam Sharples

Every industry can look exciting with the proper execution of their branding in stationery. A fresh colour palette, coloured gloves in expressive hand gestures, and simple typography really show class and charm in all stationery items. You wouldn’t think these were for a cleaning company, right?

3. A Subtle Nod

3. A Subtle Nod | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Mylene Poisson by Caserne ., Elizabeth Beaudoin, Ugo Varin & David Tremblay

If you’re looking to create a striking, but unobtrusive branding, take these printed stationery items for Mylène Poisson Sommelière as brand identity inspiration. While water rings are usually a big no-no on the table, the designers stamped different versions of wine rings on the business cards, envelopes, and letterheads. The wine marks allude to the client’s work as a sommelière or wine expert.

4. Variations

4. Variations | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: UKIDZ by Ulyana Sulkivska

Who doesn’t love to change it up once in a while? Child-oriented businesses often use a lot of colour and shapes for their branding. The designer created three different patterns inspired by different branding elements and used it in almost all of the UKIDZ corporate stationery such as envelopes and personalised notebooks. These patterns were also used in other marketing tools such as product packaging and custom phone cases.

5. Combining Styles

5. Combining Styles | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Pauline Kaye Personal Branding by Princess Nicole Castañeda

Even designers have their own branded stationery for their own personal use and to showcase their brand as a designer. This printed stationery for visual designer Pauline Castañeda has an ongoing theme of organic and geometric styles. They applied this look across all the stationery items from its business cards to its custom PVC tape.

6. It’s All in the Pattern

6. It’s All in the Pattern | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Zoo Negara Malaysia / Branding by Eepei Sim

What better way to showcase your company assets than to include them in your corporate identity? Whenever someone receives a letter or a business card from Zoo Negara Malaysia, they’ll immediately know what sort of animals they have from the simple animal illustrations in its pattern.

7. Fun Without The Chaos

7. Fun Without The Chaos | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Arzábal Food Truck Branding & Website by The Woork Co, David Botella, Debbie Martin & María Dobarro

How do you depict fun and playfulness in your printed stationery without overloading your branding with tons of visuals? Take inspiration from Arzábal Food Truck which uses a minimalist approach to its design while still maintaining a fun and whimsical vibe through its simple but bright colour palette and confetti pattern. The designers also created an iconography set of different food truck meals as additional brand elements for their website and food packaging.

8. Just My Type

8. Just My Type | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Paréntesis Studio Branding by Paréntesis Studio

If you’re not into the visual parties of most stationary, we found this simple design, relying mostly on strong lettering. Paréntesis Studio uses a bold logotype and colour scheme to create the design for their corporate identity. They added an extra element of a circular stamp-like brand to emphasise the studio’s Puerto Rican origins.

9. Subtlety

9. Subtlety | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: Top Roller® | Branding by Andrés Ávila

The corporate stationery design for Top Roller is all about subtlety. While the whole idea behind their branding is centred around their high-quality roller blinds, the patterns, colours, and even the logo only hint at the product itself. Each brand element works together to display an air of sophistication and grace in their printed stationery that one doesn’t usually expect from a roller blind company.

10. Old-Time Feel

10. Old-Time Feel | 10 Great Uses of Branded Stationery
Project Link: The Barbary by Here Design

Showcase your inspiration in your branded stationery design. The design for The Barbary celebrates the different locations such as Moorish Spain and Morocco that inspired the restaurant’s food and feel. It also uses elements from antique maps and illustrations. It uses simple typography and colours to give the design warmth and depth and to avoid overloading customers with so many graphic elements.

Are you convinced that advertisements aren’t the only way to increase brand exposure and visibility. Build your brand and grow your business by creating branded stationery!