8 Inspiring Flyer Designs with Exclusive Foil Finishes

8 Inspiring Flyer Designs with Exclusive Foil Finishes

Bring some razzle-dazzle into your print products! A unique paper foil finish can transform the entire look of your designs from satisfactory to fabulous.

Here are eight inspiring print products with an exclusive paper foil finish to inspire your designs:

01 Personality Shining Through

Project Link: Bring Barkle Aboard by Daniel Barkle

Back in 2016, Daniel Barkle created a portfolio pack containing a flyer and a portfolio CD for his recruitment campaign. He sent these to different design studios, hoping to obtain employment.

His flyer may be minimalist in design, but the added rainbow paper foil finish brought it to the next level. By adding the exclusive finish, he brought a sense of whimsy and spontaneity to the flyer. This flyer alone is sure  to pique any employer’s interest.

02 Whimsy Under the Light

Project Link: Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation by Rachel Roth and Design Ranch

Even without the rainbow finish, the invitation design for the Spencer Museum of Art’s re-opening gala, Lux Naturalis, still gives a classy, artistic vibe with its contrasting texts made of a big modern serif headline and small sans serif texts. However, the added paper foil finish adds a whimsical glow as the light hits the paper. The design takes inspiration from the transformed experience of the natural light filtering into the museum space.

03 Encircled

Project Link: Stremler AG Christmas Card by stack mountain & fritz

The gold paper foil finish printed on the delicate concentric lines gives off impressions of luxury and class to the recipients of Stremler AG’s Christmas cards. The gold printing, despite thin,      

The designers drew inspiration from ancient letters elements and the Vatican pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan. They produced invitations comprising of a black envelope, a specially-folded flyer with the schedule details, and an invitation card. Despite its modern design, the special finishes, including the gold paper foil finish and the gold wax envelope seal, creates an elegant, traditional look and feel.

04 Direct to the Point

Project Link: Lido Branding by Mai Creative

The hair salon brand Lido takes a more direct approach with its silver paper foil finish. It uses the silver finish as accents to its sleek and minimalist design. Though the branding materials still work on its own, the paper foil finish elevates the appearance of the print products by giving it a futuristic and elegant look.

05 Metallic Starlight

3Project Link: The Lake and Stars by Leslie Olson

Artworks depicting the stars and constellations already give the viewers a sense of wonder and awe. This poster by Leslie Olson uses a metallic silver and copper paper foil finish. Though the sheen may not be as striking and noticeable like the other designs in this entry, it still has an elegant, subtle, and old-school effect.

06 Shape and Form

Project Link: Hot Foil Christmas & New Year Card 2018 by Niklas Rimmler

Despite the geometric design of this Christmas card, it still appears fun and playful with its use of shapes and lines. The copper paper foil finish also gives the Christmas card design a classy and somewhat industrial look. Another bonus to these cards is the spacious area at the backside where you can write your own personal holiday message.

07 A Bold Statement

Project Link: Black Hot Foil Printing by Dot Studio and Studio Museo

While bold letters on paper create a powerful statement, there is a tendency for the design to look a bit dull. However, the Moniker Art Fair business cards have a black paper foil finish that gives a conventional card design some personality. The contrasting uncoated and glossy texture creates a sophisticated and expensive look that can catch people’s attention.

08 Luxury on High

Project Link: James Vincent Milano Fashion Brand Identity by Office Milano

For the fashion brand identity of James Vincent Milano, Office Milano created branding materials that subtly communicate mystery and luxury to their customers. Printing a logo design with a glossy black foil finish against a black matte business card paper may not make the design legible from afar. However, the contrasting textures level up the look of an already luxurious looking brand design.

The right paper foil finish can make a huge difference in your print product’s design. Instead of settling for average print designs, use unique paper foil finishes to create stunning prints that will effortlessly catch people’s attention!