10 Logo Designs That Inspire

10 Logo Designs That Inspire

To create amazing designs, you need incredible inspiration. Creating the perfect logo design is a step-by-step process that requires a lot of time and research. One of the hardest parts of the logo creation process is deciding what image and style best reflect who you are and what you stand for as a brand. Sometimes we need to look at logo design samples that to get our creative juices flowing.

Here are some clever logo designs that will hopefully inspire you during the creative process:

1. Indian Roots

Project Link: My Indian Closet Logo by Janis Ancitis

This logo created for My Indian Closet may be simple, but the concept is clear. The designer chose to emphasise the fashion and apparel industry by using clothes’ hangers. The design also cleverly references the iconic Taj Mahal, an exemplary form of Indian architecture. This results in a clear and cohesive branding.

2. Fun Icons

Project Link: Printasty by contrast8

This logo inspiration by contrast8 shows us that logos don’t have to be elaborate to create an impact. It wittily combines the icons for paper and popsicle to emphasise the business’ name. The folded corner of the piece of paper is also a fun touch that gives the impression that someone has taken a bite of the popsicle.

3. Wait, what side?

Project Link: New Chapter

Great logo designs can be simple but interesting to look at, whether they’re used on a pavement sign or a bookmark. New Chapter is a UK-based word therapy startup that encourages their clients to express themselves through writing as part of the healing process. Their logo uses as an image of an arrow to express progress and new directions. It also incorporates the symbol of an open book as a nod to the startup’s use of writing in their counselling process.

4. Maybe it’s not my type

Fonts can completely change the vibe of the company. With the help of Wolff Olins, Uber took a surprisingly friendly approach to its redesign. From Clan Pro, a bold and somewhat authoritative font, they decided to use Uber Move, a more friendly and flexible sans serif font by MCKL Type Foundry. This font was said to be inspired by the typefaces associated with transportation.

5. To the point

Project Link: Momiki Concept by Logoflow

Many brands are taking a very minimalist approach to their logo design. Though the Momiki Concept logo may not be super intricate, it beautifully reflects the brand’s commitment to creating simplicity and harmony in children’s lives by producing simple wooden furniture and toys according to the Montessori philosophy.

6. Vintage is in

Project Link: Yondr Studio Logo by Yondr Studio

If you’re looking for logo inspiration with a more old-school vibe, take a look at this logo by Yondr Studio. While the design has a more vintage feel, some of its elements such as the form, shape, and fonts lean towards a more modern sensibility. It seems to easily inspire people to go on their own personal adventure.

7. Personal Touches

Project: Give Give Records by Paul James

Brands whose core beliefs centre on love really need a logo that has a personal feel to it. Take this logo for Give Give Records as brand inspiration. This record company is an independent label built on giving and love. The two hand-drawn connected hands symbolise a warm hug, which is exactly in line with the brand image.

8. Amazingly diverse

Project Link: Woof Boost Logo by Angela Cuellar

Flexibility is something to consider when creating a logo design. Your logo should be able to work in the company colours, monochromatic colours, or even in black and white. Great logo designs also work without the company name beside it. This friendly, but trendy logo for Wolf Boost created by Angela Cuellar works well in its original colours and its variants, with or without the company name.

9. Two in one

Project Link: Movers Logo Design by Ramotion

Use symbolism to recreate the service of your company with illustrations. For example, the logo for movers shows a hand making a picking gesture, while also creating the shape of a house. It highlights the company’s role as a moving service for families relocating to another house.

10. Dynamic Design

Project Link: Kebsa-Raz Logo by Jacek Janiczak

A logo can be balanced, but also dynamic. Take the logo for Kebsa-Raz as brand inspiration. It balances an old-school style with a shape and form, which have a more modern sensibility. While it appears to be a very harmonious design, the logo still feels very dynamic due to the unique typography and the deliberate placement of the ingredients at the bottom.

Great logo designs are based on a solid concept that clearly reflects your brand. Create your own amazing logo designs and tell us about it in the comments below!