10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Sunny days are here again! With everybody up and about enjoying their summer vacation, now is the time to take advantage of the many summer marketing opportunities this season brings.

Make the most out of the summer months, especially when your business benefits from the vacation crowd. Here are ten summer marketing tips you can follow to boost business during the summertime:

1. Out-Of-Townies

1. Out-Of-Townies | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Nobody would be spending time indoors this summer. This is the perfect opportunity to target the vacationing crowd.

Give customers a reason to stop by your shop, especially if you are in a tourist destination. Make sure your business is discoverable online. Offer special summer discounts and goodies available only to those from out of town.

Also, have partner businesses display your marketing materials such as flyers and posters in their shop, and vice versa. You can also talk to the tourist information desk and arrange for them to display your awesome print marketing materials.

2. Customer Appreciation

2. Customer Appreciation | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Treat your community to some summer fun by hosting a local event. This summer marketing idea is a great way to not only bring publicity to your business, but also to strengthen the relationships with your customers and partner businesses. You can also take this opportunity to thank your customers for supporting your business.

Your event can be a summer cookout, picnic, or even a sports fest held at your store parking lot, the local park, or the community centre.

3. Spice Things Up

3. Spice Things Up | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Try something new. Summer is a good time to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget that whatever you do, it should fit with what your customers would want.

Perhaps you could create a product or food item available only during the summer. Try arranging a flash mob to get people’s attention.

4. Embrace the Summer Vibes

4. Embrace the Summer Vibes | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Another great summer marketing tip is to focus on creating summer-themed content for your offline and online promotions. Think about the overall message you want to send to customers for the summer. Well-designed summer promotions with a cohesive message are a great way to entice customers to buy from your shop.

Try new media for your summer marketing campaign. Aside from print promotions and online posts, try creating videos, blog posts, and maybe even a podcast. Use these to explain how your products and services can improve your customers’ summertime experience.

5. Do It For the Kids

5. Do It For the Kids | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Now that school’s out for the summer, parents are searching for fun activities to keep their children occupied. Here’s a fun marketing idea: set up fun activities for children.

While it is essential to make sure the children have a great time, create activities that are in line with your business. For example, if your business sells cooking equipment, you can hold weekly cooking lessons for children and their parents. After the activity, give participation tokens that can be used by both the parents and their children.

6. Check Out My Wares

6. Check Out My Wares | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

People can’t resist going out to enjoy a beautiful summer day. Join your customers outdoors and set up sidewalk sales outside your shop. This summer marketing strategy is sure to get your brand noticed and even increase sales.

As you set up your stall, make sure it is inviting and the people you assigned to man it are friendly. Don’t forget to create enticing signs that will generate interest in your brand.

7. Summer Swag

7. Summer Swag | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Another powerful marketing idea is to have a summer giveaway. While giving away freebies is something you can do any time of the year, giving customers season-appropriate corporate gifts is proven to be highly effective. These gifts make people excited about the summertime and your brand.

Customers appreciate practical promotions, especially those that are suited to the season. Offer them summer-themed giveaways such as custom towels, beach games, branded sunglasses, or printed water bottles. These items can be very helpful if your customers are going to the beach or out hiking.

8. Play to Win

8. Play to Win | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Here’s a great creative summer marketing idea that both increases brand exposure and customer engagement: run a contest. A contest will help people channel their competitive spirit this summer.

You can arrange any type of contest as long as it is relevant to your business. For example, if you have a music store, host a battle of the bands or a songwriting competition.

It is also important that you give customers a good time and a substantial reward for their efforts.

9. The More You Know

9. The More You Know | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Arrange events for your older audience as well. Organise summer classes and demonstrations for your customers who want to improve their knowledge or skills.

For example, if you are a small restaurant, arrange a cooking class. If you are an insurance provider, perhaps you can set up a financial literacy class.

10. Show Support

10. Show Support | 10 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Local communities often organise their own summer events. Here’s a great summer marketing tip: sponsor your community’s outdoor activities.

Being a sponsor demonstrates your support for community events, makes you appear credible and improves your brand’s image. It also increases brand visibility and recognition. The organizers will probably include your business’ logo in their outdoor and online promotions.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow business during the summer. Don’t let your competition beat you to it. Start refining your summer marketing campaigns strategy!