3 Basic Tips For Designing Your Own Poster

3 Basic Tips For Designing Your Own Poster

Making your own poster design should be a piece of cake. Compared to other print materials, there are very few rules when designing posters. You are free to be as creative as you want in your approach to promoting your brand or event.

An effective poster can catch attention, inform, and generate interest in what is being advertised. Check out our quick and easy guide on how to make a good poster:

1. Establish a Visual Hierarchy

Establish a Visual Hierarchy | 3 Basic Tips For Designing Your Own Poster

First of all, what’s “visual hierarchy”? It’s defined as “the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance”. Basically, when the visual hierarchy is established, your design easily catches people’s attention and helps them absorb your poster’s message faster.

Let’s break it down. Begin by prioritizing the most important elements such as the headline and main graphic by making them the focal point. This can be achieved in a number of different ways such as making them the largest element or giving them an eye-catching colour. These elements are what lures people in and gets them interested.

Once you caught people’s interest, you need to introduce the second most important details. These details are the first things people need to know about the event. They usually include the quick but necessary details about the event, product, or service that answer the questions what, when, where, and how.

After you’ve introduced your topic and all the need-to-know details, people will want to know more. The fine print usually presents everything else your customers have to know about the product or event, that’s why it’s usually the smallest element in the whole poster. It must be small enough that it’s not distracting or taking up so much space, but big enough that people can still read it.

Quick poster printing tip: If you are working with a lot of information, group it into absorbable chunks.

2. Use striking visuals

Use striking vehicles | 3 Basic Tips For Designing Your Own Poster

Using boring or low-resolution visuals is a big no-no in poster printing. You’ll be able to generate interest better by using striking high-resolution photos, illustrations, shapes and symbols that are relevant to what is being advertised.

It’s not enough to have striking visuals though. You need to strategically place all your images and text in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. All of the elements in your poster should interact well with one another.

Don’t be afraid to leave white space in your poster. It doesn’t need to be filled with graphics, Plus, white space gives your design some space to breathe.

3. Be creative

Be Creative | 3 Basic Tips For Designing Your Own Poster

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your poster design. Use the style, colours, fonts, and composition that you think will best illustrate your message. Keep in mind that your poster design should be cohesive and consistent with all your other marketing materials.

Creating your own poster is easy as long as you follow these three simple tips. Make your own amazing poster design right now!