[3 Reasons] Why You Should Be Using Printed Flyers As Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

93% of consumers like to receive door drop leaflets and 50% of UK households store leaflets. Need we say more? Flyer marketing is still one of the best ways to reach customers. With a quality distribution strategy and an eye-catching flyer design with a clear call-to-action, you are sure to impact your consumers. If you’re still not convinced, here are the top three reasons why you should be using flyers for your marketing:

A cost-effective solution

With printing services going online, flyer marketing is getting even cheaper than before. There are various free online tools that you can use to design your flyers, like Canva, which means that you don’t need a graphic designer, which cuts another expense. Also, if you order your flyers in bulk, the price decreases drastically.

Communicate more information at a low cost

Think about it this way: You can spend a set amount of money on a flyer, but said flyer can be viewed an unlimited amount of times, there’s no cost per view or impression with print. So, if you leave your flyers at high-traffic areas, your brand is able to reach as many people as possible at one set price. How’s that for a good deal!

Easy to make and distribute

Distribution is also hassle-free, you can even do it yourself or get a bunch of your friends or co-workers and have a day out in the sun, while giving out flyers to passers-by. If you are a local shop, you can give out your flyers in a couple block radius, as well as go to the busiest streets of your town and spent some time talking to potential customers there as well. Also, don’t forget to leave some in waiting areas in the neighbourhood of your business. It’s as easy as that! 

Flyer marketing has been around for decades and spreading a nice message on a piece of paper ain’t going anywhere, so get in the game and include flyers in your marketing campaign.