5 Food Packaging Examples To Get You Inspired

5 Food Packaging Examples To Get You Inspired

Having an amazing packaging design for your takeaway will definitely impress all your customers. Engaging designs will not only add a lot of value to your product and business as a whole, but they’ll also make your brand memorable. 

At Helloprint we’ve got your back with a huge range of food packaging: for takeaway, food trays, boxes for fries, popcorn and many more options. All you have to do to up your marketing game is simply create a wonderful design and order your branded packaging. 

Here are 5 design ideas to get inspired to create your own creative packaging:

1. Rock n’ dogs

These food boxes are a perfect example of simplicity and creativity. This hot dog business cleverly makes use of packaging to place sausages and fries in one box, combining design with convenience.

The cardstock paper also gives off a rustic feeling and the drawn illustrations nicely hint to the name of the brand: Rock N’ Dogs, the mix between Rock and hot dogs.

A nice detail to the packaging is that when you open the box, in the front, you can see the address and telephone number of the store, to remind customers where to find them. 

Furthermore, we can another great idea they had to remind people of their brand: Rock n‘ dogs used stickers on the packaging of the sauces, as well as the ketchup bottles themselves. That’s an awesome idea and we for sure recommend placing stickers with your logo on your packaging, it will definitely increase brand awareness.

2. Simplicity with a touch of colour

At first glance, this design may look very simple, but you have to take a look at the genius details to understand its impact. A basic palette like this one as well as the font and colours you use for your logo can make or break your design. 

This brand has a very simple, yet still creative logo design for the food packaging. The soft calligraphy with a touch of colour, for example, a little bit of red on the top of the flap of the box, leads to a minimalistic and elegant design, which proves that sometimes less is more.  

We recommend using this simple style of just putting up your logo on the packaging when your logo design has a lot of colours or intricate typography. 

3. Not just for popcorn

With this design, you can easily see the versatility of something as simple as a popcorn box. The Edamame brand makes use of funny bean illustrations to bring a smile to customers’ faces, as well as make their brand memorable. Think outside the box (no pun intended) and figure out unexpected ways you can use packaging to stand out to customers. 

4. A design to remember

This type of packaging for cakes is highly impactful when stacked one top of each other to reveal the full design. This creates an outstanding appearance that will for sure be a surprise to your customers. This café also used this design for products that are usually bought as gifts, like cakes, sweets and even tea boxes. We really recommend using such creative designs, because it will definitely increase the value of your product. Let’s be honest, any customer would prefer a nicely packaged gift ready to go, instead of going through the trouble to wrap it themselves.

Fear not, although these designs may look complicated, with the variety of sizes and design options you have at Helloprint, it’s very easy. 

5. A mini work of art

Personalized packaging is a part of customers’ experience with your brand, so make it count. This company, for example, uses a fresh romantic style for the design of the takeaway packaging and similarly to the first inspiring example, smartly includes the contact details of the shop on all boxes. But this design nicely shows how to use text as part of your design “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”

Another innovative element in this design we have to note is that when you open the takeaway box, the lid is actually a menu. Now, that’s what we call a full experience. 

We hope we inspired you to start designing your own amazing branded packaging. Remember that packaging is part of the experience of your client and not only serves to make your business recognizable, but it is also part of your brand image as a whole. 

Which design did you like the most? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to know!