5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

Big & expensive marketing campaigns aren’t always best. Many businesses prefer simpler low-cost marketing strategies that create a big impact. Low cost stickers are great for easy and affordable marketing. For it to truly effective though, it must be done right.

Below are some great examples of how to use stickers for marketing campaigns:

1. Steamy Streets

Steamy Streets | 5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

Interaction with the environment is one of the things that make a successful sticker marketing campaign. Take Folger’s Steaming Coffee Mug for example. This coffee company attached a vinyl sticker of a hot cup of coffee on manhole covers around the city. It gives the illusion of a newly poured hot cup of coffee when steam comes out of the manhole. It’s a simple concept but makes clever use of its surroundings to its advantage. Anyone who sees it will want to make a hot cup of coffee at home.

2. Light the Way

Light the Way | 5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

Duracell’s sticker marketing really gives emphasis to the capabilities & power of their products. They pasted vinyl stickers beside bright sources of light such as light posts and headlights of city buses. This low-cost campaign really highlights how bright your flashlights will be when powered by a Duracell battery.

3. Bringing Awareness

Bringing Awareness | 5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

Sticker marketing isn’t only used for marketing brands and products. It can also be used to bring social issues to light. Help the Homeless stuck nutritional value stickers on the sides of trash cans to bring awareness about the plight of the homeless, and the effect is truly powerful.

The homeless can’t afford to buy a decent meal. Sometimes their main source of food is the trashcan where they hope to find a half-eaten sandwich or an unfinished takeout box. This sticker campaign really makes you think about how to help the homeless so they don’t have to eat out of the garbage.

4. Interacting with Stickers

Interacting with Stickers | 5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

Floor stickers can also be interactive, sometimes without you even knowing. Frontline installed a large floor sticker of an itching dog in a shopping centre to promote their solution to your pet’s flea problems. This floor sticker doesn’t really make sense up close, but this marketing tactic shines best when seen from the second or third floor of the mall, where the people walking on top of the floor sticker appear as fleas and ticks afflicting the dog. Frontline then advertises their Flea and Tick Spray as a solution to your pet’s flea problem.

5. Undeniable Effect

Undeniable Effect | 5 Great Examples of Effective Sticker Marketing

This campaign from Pedigree makes an undeniable case of why you should buy their product. They placed life-like stickers of a bowl of treats and treated it with the essence of Pedigree dog food in front of supermarkets and pet stores. It was irresistible for every dog passing by. They would go towards the stickers and began to lick them. Not only do the stickers trick the dog visually but it also stimulates and tricks the dogs into trying to eat the food.

This sticker marketing really works to show that dogs really do love their product. It takes away your doubts on whether or not your dog would actually like their dog food. How can you deny its appeal to its intended audience?

Try using stickers in your next marketing campaign. Go with out-of-the-box sticker ideas that will stop customers in their tracks and convince them to buy your product!