5 Great Examples of Poster Design

5 Great Examples of Poster Design

The best thing about poster printing is that you can be as creative as you want with the design. Imagine the possibilities of colours, fonts, shapes, and images. However, you need to keep in mind that your poster needs to be informative and interesting. It also has to bring out the right emotions in its audience.

It’s hard to pinpoint what a perfect poster design looks like. However, these five creative poster designs came really close. We hope that they will inspire you to create your own:

1. Black and White illusion

Black and White illusion | 5 Great Examples of Poster Design
Image: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival poster

Sometimes, you don’t need bright and colourful visuals to create an impact. Simple designs with a clever twist can also work when done right.

This Melbourne Food & Wine Festival poster uses flat, black and white illustrations to highlight the main focus of the festival. The designer included a drawing of a large fork while stylising the prongs to create silhouettes of wine bottles. Though there is a lot of negative space, it doesn’t feel like the poster is empty. The design is simple but thought out well.

2. Dream-Like

Dream-Like | 5 Great Examples of Poster Design
Project Link: New York Women’s Surf Film Festival Branding

Photos with the right composition and editing can be the focal point of your poster design. These pictures are used to tell a story and to get your main message across easily.

In the poster for the New York Women’s Surf Film Festival, the images taken by photographer Sarah Lee were edited to create an illusion that the surfer is both flying and swimming in a large empty space. Its colours were also changed to give a duotone effect with nostalgic sunset colours. This creates a very whimsical, dream-like air but with a sense of freedom and empowerment mixed in.

With the surfing photos doing most of the storytelling, the rest of the design was kept to a minimum by using minimal texts, shapes, and lines.

3. Drawing power

Drawing power | 5 Great Examples of Poster Design
Project Link: Pokrov – Orthodox Film Festival 2015-2017

Illustrations aren’t only pretty pictures. Many use them in their creative poster designs because they are a great storytelling medium.

For the Pokrov – Orthodox Film Festival, designers Roman Dz and Nina Dzyvulska created beautiful illustrations for their poster design. They were used in the flyers and tickets as well.

The illustrations created for this event have a very intricate and fantastical quality. Though each poster is different, it has a very cohesive and consistent style and colour scheme. There is also a nice balance between the illustrations and the information.

4. Illustration nation

Illustration nation | 5 Great Examples of Poster Design
Project Link: Poster Tour Sul-Americana Sanitário Sexy, by Kin Noise

Fully-illustrated posters are a rare but delightful creative poster design. They immediately attract attention and tell what the event is about. Another great thing about this kind of design is that all elements and details are placed with purpose and intent.

This detailed poster illustration by Kin Noise can catch anyone’s eye. You’re compelled to stop and find out what kind of event is being advertised.

Aside from the beautiful illustrations of what looks like South American witchcraft supplies, his use of colour is something to admire. He combines rich and earthy colours with very bright and loud colours that give the poster a very modern feel.

5. Geometric beauty

Geometric beauty | 5 Great Examples of Poster Design
Project Link: A Concert Against Violence

One of the most popular poster design ideas is using geometric shapes.

This poster created for A Concert Against Violence uses a lot of geometric shapes to create an abstract illustration. While the shapes form a red piano, it also depicts a woman with a red drop of blood rolling down her face. This clever illustration highlights the type of event being held and the cause it supports.

Try creating your own poster design by taking inspiration from some of these amazing poster designs, let us know what you think and how your own designs went down in the comments!