5 marketing tips for the small business owner

5 marketing tips for the small business owner

For a small entrepreneur it can be challenging to find new customers and keep loyal customers engaged, especially in the current climate. You have little time and don’t really know where to start. These 5 marketing tips will help you to further develop your company and boost your customer base. Moreover, the tips are easy and quick to apply, so you can get started today.

1. Search (even) better within your own network

You can often find the best customers within your own network. Because you already know them, they will become customers with you more easily. In addition, you can generally make more mistakes with these customers without leaving them, although you prefer not to make mistakes with your acquaintances.

2. Go to (virtual) events

As the first tip showed, a large and strong network is very important. By going to relevant events you get to know potential customers, who you can either make a customer directly or add to your network (and later become a customer). This is also a great way to get conversation going about your services. Do not forget to wear your branded polo shirt to each event! This makes sure that other people can see your logo, whilst also looking professional and prepared.

3. Make sure your company building stands out

Do you have your own business premises? Then that is an ideal way to bring your company to the attention. When people are able to go on walks, you can get yourself noticed and get potential customers excited to visit you. For example, use banners and flags with your printing to make your building stand out in the street. You’ll soon be the talk of the town!

4. Use social media

Today, social media for your business is invaluable. You can easily reach your target group and remind customers that you are excited to see them. Make sure to post updates related to your business, a live video or an insta-worthy picture that can be shared throughout your network. When ten of your friends share your post, you often have a reach of thousands of people for free.

Want to get more attention? Host a competition or a giveaway! This will encourage people to engage with your brand by liking and sharing your post, as well as tagging their friends to be in for a chance of winning some promotional gifts. What about personalised stationery, a customised gift for the home, or even a special voucher to spend with you? Top tip: schedule your posts on your calendar and be ready to reply to comments.

5. Approach your local target group

80% of small businesses have a local target group. Knowing that your target audience is in a small geographic area makes marketing a lot easier and cheaper. You do not have to approach people who do not fall within that area. So you do have time about the local target group that matters. When you know where the target group lives, a door-to-door mailing is a very effective marketing strategy when using promotional print. Many entrepreneurs think this is expensive, but for £30 you can already find yourself on the doorstep of 1,000 households.

The possibilities are endless

The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless opportunities to attract more new customers and grow your business. Do you have a good marketing tip or case study examples of an excellent campaign? Let me know in the comments! I am very curious about your ideas.