5 of the Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

5 of the Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday is coming! The Black Friday rush gives businesses the perfect opportunity to promote their brand and increase revenue. However, the competition out there is fierce. It’s time for you to put out all the stops and create the best Black Friday campaign the world has ever seen. 

Draw inspiration from these five best Black Friday campaigns when organising your own campaign for the holiday:

For A Cause

Source: Patagonia

What better way to kick off the season than supporting a noble cause? Instead of focusing on increasing revenue through deals and discounts, many brands are coming up with Black Friday campaigns to help communities and charities. Not only do these Black Friday marketing strategies improve your brand’s reputation, but they also help make the world a better place.

The outdoor clothing brand Patagonia organised one of the best Black Friday campaigns for a cause to date. Patagonia is already known to advocate for environmental conservation. They already donate to 1% for the Planet, a non-profit organisation that encourages members to contribute 1% of their annual sales to support environmental causes.

Patagonia took it a step further in their Black Friday advertising campaign where they launched their 100% For the Planet campaign. For which they would be giving away 100% of all their Black Friday sales to charities and grassroots organisations for environmental change.

To Patagonia’s surprise, their Black Friday campaign managed to reach over $10 million instead of the projected $2 million. This Black Friday marketing strategy shows that customers are willing to spend an extra buck, if they know that their money will be used to make the world a better place.

A Little Deviation

Source: Barnes & Noble

Some brands are not afraid to do something different with their Black Friday marketing strategy. Instead of lowering the prices, they come up with other Black Friday marketing strategies that still take advantage of the shopping holiday.

With this in mind, bookseller Barnes & Noble decided on an unexpected Black Friday marketing strategy that resulted in their most successful campaign yet. They promoted over half a million autographed books from acclaimed authors as part of their campaign. Customers quickly took the chance to get a signed edition as a personal gift for themselves or their loved ones.

The Black Friday marketing strategy by Barnes & Noble shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of going against the grain with your promotions. While deals and discounts are a popular offer, it’s best to create a campaign that would bring added value to your customers.

Take a Stand

Source: Hiut Denim

While many adore Black Friday for its offerings of discounted products, it has garnered a somewhat negative reputation. Some people, including online and offline business owners, are sick of the shopping holiday’s overcrowded stores and unhealthy consumerism.

Brands like Hiut Denim, a small but well-loved Welsh Jeans company, took it upon themselves to take a stand against Black Friday through an anti-Black Friday campaign called Buy Less, Buy Better. They shut down their website for the duration of Black Friday and made a statement by boycotting the shopping holiday. The owners of Hiut Denim believed that small businesses like them are already charging fair prices for their wares. They expressed their belief that Black Friday is a contest to see who can be the cheapest and its’ encouragement of excessive consumerism.

Many supported Hiut Denim’s Buy Less, Buy Better campaign. Their campaign even exposed their brand to new audiences. It goes to show that you should stay true to your values, even if it means going against the norm.

Make It Easier

Everybody already knows you’re giving out good deals and discounts for Black Friday. It’s best to focus your campaign on something only you can provide your customers.

Amazon created an ad that shows an office worker whose smartphone notified them of a Black Friday deal from the multinational technology company. He then gets a photocopy of the face of a man dressed in branded Amazon boxes. The tagline for the ad is “Let the deals come to you”.

Amazon highlights the ease and convenience customers get when availing their products and services during the holiday. Customers don’t have to look for the best deals on their website. It can all come to them through the power of automated notifications.

More is More?

Source: Cards Against Humanity

Have you ever thought of a Black Friday idea that seems so crazy it might just work? Many brands are willing to take risks if the situation favours them this shopping holiday. Take the company Cards Against Humanity as an example. Already famous for its wild humour and outrageous antics, only a brand like Cards Against Humanity can pull off this Black Friday marketing strategy.

Back in 2013, Cards Against Humanity made quite a stir as they increased their prices by $5 as part of their Black Friday advertising. Most would consider the move as impractical and crazy. However, the company managed to sell more games than usual, despite the price hike.

Some Black Friday ideas can be crazy at first. However, with the right strategy, execution, and preparation, you can easily pull it off.

With so many businesses advertising their offers, take the opportunity to get creative with your Black Friday marketing strategy. You have online and offline tools, such as flyers, signs, and social media, to use at your disposal. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain! After all, creative Black Friday advertising gives you a better chance of increasing brand visibility and reaching your revenue goals.