5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

We’ll prove to you that panels and signs are more than something that simply displays a business’ logo or featured products. They are very versatile marketing tools and have many diverse functions, but you have to use your imagination to discover their potential.

Here are five creative ways on how to use printed panels to grow business:

Event Signs and Decor

5 Ways to Use Printed Panels | Event Signs and Decor

Design some creative signages and place them all around the event venue for decoration. Install them on the walls, the ceiling, and even on the windows, if needed. In art exhibitions, you can use printed panels to feature the works of artists and photographers.

Make it easier for the event attendees to navigate their way through the venue. Event signs can be used to direct people to places like the bathroom, prize claiming area or even the line for the food.

Fun Frames and Props

Fun Frames and Props | 5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

Printed panels can be contour cut into frames, your-face-here cutouts and other shapes to be used as props for photo booths. People can also use them when taking their own personal photos.

Many businesses use these kinds of panels to promote their brand and to have something that customers can take pictures with. An added benefit is that customers often share these photos on social media, giving the business free advertising.

Room Decor

Room Decor | 5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

Use panels as personalised decor for the interior of your home or office. You can print out some of your children’s artwork or family photos to display around the house. For the office, memorialize important company milestones to display in the reception area for everyone to see.

Here’s a fun idea: Get contour cut panels of fun characters like dinosaurs and flowers to decorate your child’s bedroom or playroom. Perhaps you can also use them for roleplaying games as well. We’re sure they’ll love it.


Wayfinding | 5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

It’s easy to get lost in large, unfamiliar places like theme parks, resorts, and campsites. Using printed panels that are durable and well-designed can help people navigate their way around easily. Place easy-to-understand maps people can use to find the areas they’re looking for. Create signs that will direct to landmarks and other important buildings such as bathrooms and offices.

Business Signage

Business Signage | 5 Ways to Use Printed Panels

There are many creative uses for printed panels in business. Not only are they great for outdoor advertising, but they can also be used in the interior of your shop. Many businesses use signs and panels because they’re cheap and attract people easily, and on top of that, they’re very practical, since they’re easy to install and store.

For example, you can hang some panels on the ceiling to attract people’s attention to limited edition or sale items. Install a sign with your shop’s logo behind the counter. Or, get extra creative with pavement signs. Use them to showcase some of your featured products. For some funny ideas of pavement sign uses, check out our 8 funny pavements signs article.

Signs make your place of business appear credible and professional. They also cultivate trust and confidence in the brand. Every time a customer walks in the room, they’ll feel like you are the authority that can help them.

Remember to align the design of your shop signs to your brand’s identity.

Use panels and signs in fun and creative ways as part of your marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Get your own printed panels and creative signage right now!