6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

There are many creative ways to use low-cost banners to really get noticed with your next marketing campaign. Here are some great examples, that are sure to inspire you when creating your own:

1. Glow-in-the-Dark

Glow-in-the-Dark | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

This banner by Rentokil, a pest control company, features a single cockroach with the tagline, “There’s never just one.” It’s confusing at first but everything it all makes sense when the sun goes down. The banner makes clever use of glow-in-the-dark graphics as silhouettes of cockroaches start appearing at night. This clever design emphasizes the tricky nature of house pests and how they appear more during the night.

Glow-in-the-Dark | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

2. Creating an Illusion

Banners aren’t only used to showcase a product or event. They can also be used to create a simple illusion. Small banners with beaver-chewed wood pictures were wrapped around a row of trees at a random street. A sign with a quick beaver fact was then posted right next to the row of trees. This was an effort to promote Science World’s feature on the amazing beaver.

Creating an illusion | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

3. Striking and Contrasting Colours

Colours are a great way to catch anybody’s attention. The Milwaukee Public Museum posted these whimsical and 3D like images of some of the features of the museum on their summer banner advertising. The simple but vibrant and contrasting colours makes everyone interested in what else the museum has to offer.

Striking and Contrasting Colours | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

4. Realistic Simulation

Large banners can be used to create a realistic simulation, especially when seen from afar. In an effort to boost tourism through creative advertising, Air New Zealand printed a banner of a waterfall, and to make a realistic simulation, they installed a mannequin riding a kayak at the top of the banner to make it seem like it was going down the waterfall.

Realistic Simulation | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

5. Minimalist But Bold

Using only essential elements and information on banner flags is one of the most effective creative outdoor advertising ideas. For the Festival Cultural Cinema, they use twin banners, one showing important event details and the other containing an image of an eye. By using only important visuals, they create simple yet striking banners that are sure to catch people’s attention.

Minimalist But Bold | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

6. Go Large or go home

The right placement and execution of banner advertising can really bring it to the next level. The San Francisco Zoo installed twin banner flags up high on lamp posts. The use of the lamp post as the giraffe’s body is genius in bringing the banners to life and creating something really special.

Go Large or go home | 6 Creative Ways to Use PVC Banners

There are always more extreme ways to use banners. Eichborn a humorous and unconventional publisher in Europe promoted their exhibition stand using “Flyvertising” during the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2009.

The agency German agency Jung von Matt/Neckar created a marketing campaign inspired by the Eichborn logo of a fly. Miniature ultralight banners promoting Eichborn were attached on 200 flies using natural wax. The flies were then released around the venue. Later, the banners naturally fell off by themselves, leaving the flies unharmed. The use of the flies is rather questionable and we are not suggesting you try this yourself, but the creativity definitely got them noticed.