7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements

Trick or treaters, brace yourself. We are bringing all the tricks you would need for your next print marketing campaign. The main ingredient in our potion is inspiration. We have gathered some lovely examples from the biggest monsters out there. We have it all, ghosts, vampires, witches and zombies, get your freak on and inspire yourself with these frighteningly great Halloween print ads: 

1. Boo-hooo

Simplicity is always a good idea

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 1. Boo-hooo

Now, who said deodorant isn’t scary? Just check this iconic recreation of the Scream character by the brand Lynx. At the end of it all, there is no need for a highly complex graphic design, A clean design can be just as impactful. And the spooky font chosen for the tagline is the perfect additional touch.

2. No tricks. Just treats

How does your product fit?

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 2. No tricks. Just treats
Source: Marketing Directo 

Can you spot the oreo? So clever, yet simple. Oreo sure knows how to announce their new flavours. Since Oreos are also a children’s treat, their Halloween ads are entertaining and eye-catching without being too gory.

This print ad is also a great example of how to incorporate your product into an ad. You can always find a clever way to integrate it without being too obvious about it.

3. Monster Gathering

Think of your customers

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 3. Monster Gathering
Source: Amino App

Just hilarious. Heineken did an incredible job at combining symbols of Halloween together with their branding. That is an example of understanding one’s customer base perfectly. Next time you are preparing your Halloween campaign maybe you can think of ways to reinvent “traditional”

4. Watch out Bacteria and Plaque

Use contrast

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 4. Watch out Bacteria and Plaque
Source: DesignersHub

When you are a dentist, every day is as scary as Halloween for your patients. That’s why this ad is so perfect, it’s so witty that it makes you laugh, rather than scream. It’s also a great example of contrast in design. To make an impact, you have to be drastic and dramatic in your approach.

You have to take the next step and truly stand out in order to grab attention. So think of all the scary icons out there and think how hilarious they look dressed in weird clothes or holding regular everyday items. You get all the power to be funny with all things scary. 

5. The Graveyard’s delight

Play with text

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 5. The Graveyard’s delight
Source:  Peppertt

What are some Halloween phrases you know? Maybe use them in your ad, it’s always a good addition to an amazing visual.

Sometimes a great graphic by itself wouldn’t cut it or it wouldn’t be understood. So make sure to add clever text to make it understandable.

6. A Witch’s message

What’s your point?

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 6. A Witch’s message
Source: Pinterest

No matter the holiday, no matter the time, you should always have a clear idea in your ads. This Ford ad can give you the perfect inspiration if you are a company with a product that is not as easily associable with Halloween. It’s simple, yet very strong.

It has all the Halloween signifiers, colours, jargon and characters, however, it still is so on point and so related to the brand that it clearly is staying away from jumping on the holiday marketing bandwagon.  

7. Pop culture gone wild

If all else fails, reference

7 Spooktacular Halloween Print Advertisements | 7. Pop culture gone wild
Source: Pinterest

We are finishing off with an old, yet gold print ad from the 90s. An idea that will always hit the right spot is the good old pop-culture reference. Customers love when you show that you are aware of what is currently trendy in the pop culture realm. 

This Absolut print ad is witty and on-brand, which hits all points, necessary to catch people’s attention and get them talking about your brand.

Which one of these was your favourite? Do you have any more suggestions for wonderful Halloween prints? Let us know in the comments below.