8 Creative Easter Advertisements

8 Creative Easter Advertisements

Holiday celebrations are a great time for businesses to unleash their creativity. It’s always fun to see which brand is the most clever in integrating signature holiday elements into their product promotions. For Easter, we often see brands using eggs, chocolates, bunnies, and Jesus in their Easter campaigns, below we have put together 8 of our favourite Easter promotions to help inspire your own Easter campaigns.

1. Kolner Zoo

Kolner Zoo | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

The Easter egg is a symbol of life and rebirth. This poster for the Kolner Zoo plays on this message, and features different baby animals poking through their shells and greeting people a Happy Easter. This is a great way of using elements of Easter in advertising what kind of animals you might find in the Kolner Zoo.

2. Stabilo Boss

Stabilo Boss | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

Stabilo has always been clever in showcasing their products’ abilities in their advertisements. Here in their Easter marketing, they emphasise how their Stabilo Boss Highlighters can easily make things stand out. Instead of featuring words here, however, they have the highlighter making a chocolate bunny stand out among a crowd of chocolate men.

3. Stained Glass Effect

Stained Glass Effect | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

Easter is a religious event that traditionally focuses on the Resurrection of Christ. This powerful message developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney reminds us not to get too close to God this Easter by getting into a drunk driving accident. While clever and humorous, it is a grim reminder of the consequences of irresponsible driving.

4. Chocolate Humour

Chocolate Humour | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

This clever poster by Kaefer Confiserie features two chocolate bunnies. The one on the left greets the other a Happy Easter. Sadly, that bunny can’t hear his greeting because someone ate its chocolate ears. This is a very simple but funny and adorable advertisement because its super relatable – everybody starts at the ears right?

5. In the Spirit of Easter

In the Spirit of Easter | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

In the spirit of the Easter holiday, Target morphed its classic circular logo into an egg shape. It’s simple, yes, but very straightforward and memorable. It’s a very playful and distinct take of an iconic logo such as Target.

6. On the Hunt

On the Hunt | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

Zoos are one of the best places to hold an Easter Egg Hunt. The Singapore Zoo created this clever Easter marketing advertisement featuring a snake digesting what looks like an Easter egg. Though it’s likely that the actual event won’t include snakes, this certainly is a very exciting and intriguing way to make anyone want to join the hunt.

7. Chocolate Reputation

Chocolate Reputation | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

We often consider chocolate a guilty pleasure. The chocolate bunny in this ad looks sinister, almost resembling Chuckie the murderous doll with that large kitchen knife. Nestle’s ad for their Diet Chocolate Mousse emphasises that there are other healthier alternatives that won’t impact the waistline

8. “Egg”

Egg | 8 Creative Easter Advertisements

Even razor companies are joining the Easter fun. It’s a very simple concept, using a bald head resembling an egg that gives tribute to the Easter celebration while emphasising the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme Razor’s capability of giving a nice clean shave.

The holidays inspire so many businesses to be creative in their Easter promotions. Don’t forget to check out our Easter products for your own personalised campaign. Create your own Easter promotions and tell us about them in the comments below!