8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

So you know you want to take your marketing campaign outdoors, but you’re not sure how? Or what tools you should use? Here are 8 ideas to help inspire your next outdoor marketing campaign.

1. Fun with Flags

Fun with Flags | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Flags and beach flags can be used as beacons that attract customers to your shop or stall even from a distance. They can also be used as straight-to-the-point ads for a product or event. Since they’re seen from a distance, only a limited amount of information should be printed.

Think of your flags are like guests at a party – the more the merrier.

2. Out of the box signs

Out of the box signs | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Signs and panels are a very flexible marketing tool and can be used for almost any occasion or event in almost any way you can think of. They’re sturdy as they are made of materials that meant to withstand hard weather such as foam or aluminum.

Order a contour cut panel to enhance the message of your banner. As the sun strikes the die-cut panel at an angle, it casts a shadow saying, “Take a break from the sun”. This creative banner emphasises the importance of protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

3. Wall Advertising

Wall Advertising | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Walls are the perfect space for advertisement. You can be as creative with your marketing as you want with walls. You can put posters, stick on vinyl stickers, or even paint a mural to advertise your brand. This creative vinyl, used to promote the skiing industry in Alberta, Canadawas is placed behind a steel bench and makes it appear that the person sitting on the bench was on a ski lift.

4. 3D Advertisements

3D Advertisements | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

In the advertising game, it’s all about standing out among the competition. Many brands take their advertising to the next level by adding a 3D component to their billboards, pavement signs, or even posters. 3D objects in advertising are helpful in catching people’s attention, especially when done right.

5. Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Outdoor marketing is found everywhere including bus stations, train platforms, taxi ranks, where people need to wait, a marketing opportunity can be found! Take advantage of the waiting time by exposing the commuters to your ads. It can be as simple as putting up a poster at a bus station or completely covering trains with vinyl sticker advertisements.

6. Sticker Marketing

Sticker Marketing | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Stickers are an often overlooked form of outdoor marketing. Though usually used as decoration, they’re a very effective and fun marketing medium. There’s no limit on how you can get creative with sticker advertising at a seriously low cost. It can take the form of anything and be stuck on any surface including doors, windows, floors, and even inside sinks!

7. Street Furniture Advertising

Street Furniture Advertising | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Furniture Advertising is another outdoor marketing idea that not only catches people’s attention but leaves a lasting impression. KitKat takes advantage of street furniture, and it is very fitting with their brand motto “have a break, have a KitKat” Beach chairs and umbrellas are another great way to do this on a sunny day!

8. Interactive Outdoor Marketing  

Interactive Outdoor Marketing | 8 Creative Ideas for Marketing Outdoors

Nowadays, consumers are more inclined towards advertising that gives them a unique and memorable experience. Technology has greatly aided marketers and advertisers in coming up with new ways for their brands to interact with people through their advertisements.

One amazing example is the NHS Virtual Blood Donation campaign which aims to encourage people to donate blood and to show people how their donation helps patients struggling with ailments. In their campaign, they show patients needing blood transfusions through a digital billboard. Passers-by are then given a sticker to put on their arm which is then scanned by a smartphone. The smartphone then simulates a blood transfusion from your arm. As you virtually give blood, the patient on the digital billboard slowly appears more healthy as the blood bag next to them fills up.