8 Funny Pavement Signs

8 Funny Pavement Signs

What is a great way to catch people’s attention as they’re walking down the street? Humorous pavement signs. While others may use these creative marketing materials to simply announce today’s specials or limited sale, some businesses use funny signs as a way to bring in customers or increase brand recognition.

Get inspired to use humour to promote your business with these 8 hilarious pavement sign examples:

1. Guilt Trips

Guilt Trips | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Who would have thought that a pavement sign could guilt trip as much as this one does? Customers should really have mercy over these poor people, working in the restaurant.

2. Cartoons

Cartoons | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Cartoons are a great way to get people to come to your store. So, what happens if you mix cats and alcohol? Well, a lot of spillage, that’s for sure, just like in this funny chalkboard sign.

3. Drama

Drama | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Who knew that soup could be this dramatic? You may not be as hardcore as this restaurant, but dramatic jokes can definitely make your customers burst out laughing.

4. Well, You’re Not Wrong

Well, You’re Not Wrong | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

We all know the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This pavement sign by The Lord Nelson Restaurant gives the classic proverb a violent, but funny twist. It makes you wonder what apple-related shenanigans this restaurant has been involved in.

5. Husband Day Care Centre

Husband Day Care Centre | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Some husbands get quite bored running errands and going shopping. This pub sure knows how to put them out of their misery. Dear husbands, imagine getting that much needed alone time just for the price of one pint of beer. Sounds like a dream, eh?

6. Balanced Diets

Balanced Diets | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Worried about gaining weight whenever you cheat on your diet? Well, this funny sign certainly shows how you can keep a balanced diet. Get an ice cream for each hand. There. Problem solved.

7. Pop Culture Puns

Pop Culture Puns | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Puns. You either love to hate them or hate to love them. Either way, they’re a great way to catch people’s attention. One thing is for sure, you’ll have no trouble getting an appointment by simply walking into Moe’s Hairstyling.

8. It Should Suck

It Should Suck | 8 Funny Pavement Signs

Who doesn’t love a bit of self-irony? The whole point of a joke is to make you think twice and by the looks of it, this Vacuum House pavement sign is spot on.

Infusing your advertisements with humour can be an effective marketing strategy when done right. Not only can it grab attention, but it also makes your brand relatable, memorable, and shareable. Bring your catchy pavement sign ideas into reality. Create your own funny pavement signs right now!