8 Inspiring Flyer Designs

8 Inspiring Flyer Designs

How can it be that we live in an age of digital marketing, and flyers are still one of the most preferred methods of advertising? Well, they do a great job marketing your business just as well as a social media post. They’re also affordable, effective, and depending on your distribution strategy, can easily reach your target market. The best kinds of flyers are eye-catching, informative, and convincing.

Creating your own flyer design can be quite challenging especially if you’re just starting out. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us going. Here are 8 flyer ideas that can inspire you to create your own flyer for your business:

1. Friendly vibes

 Friendly vibes | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs

This leaflet design may be simple, but its simplicity and bright colour palette give off an inviting and approachable vibe. It’s not very experimental, but it’s well-designed. The details are clear and straight-to-the-point. A balanced layout like this appears very professional and organised.

2. An Experiment in Folding

An Experiment in Folding | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by Christian Nicolaus

This flyer by Christian Nicolaus may look simple at first glance. However, the intricate folding and the purposefully placed text make it a very complex flyer design. Honestly, there is no need for a complicated graphic, when the flyer itself creates such a unique and interactive experience for its reader. Though your flyer doesn’t have to be this elaborate, using folded leaflets can really take it to the next level.

3. Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by Fago Studio

This flyer design has a very similar look to the Back to School Festival flyer. It uses a relevant and interesting illustration to highlight the nature of the event. The graphics are not only relevant, but it’s also eye-catching and fascinating to look at. The use of the colour red makes for a bold and daring statement. The event details are easy to read and the contest aspect is nicely highlighted.

4. Classy and Subdued

Classy and Subdued | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by TimphanCo Design

If you’re looking for something minimal and classy, yet still interesting, get inspiration from this flyer by TimphanCo Design. These flyers have a clean, minimalist look that goes well with the clothes and the branding. The elements, colours, and the layout of the design make for an elegant and fresh flyer. Though they don’t necessarily have the same layout, all these flyers have a consistent minimalist theme.

5. Abstraction Can Be The Best Action

Abstraction Can Be The Best Action | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by Carlos Ortega

Why should you always use a photo of the performer when promoting a concert tour? Think outside the box and go in another direction. Take inspiration from the Julio Victoria Euro Tour flyers, which use bright colourful shapes and illustrations, instead of the singer’s image. The design makes up for the simple shapes and line art by using bright festive colours and an unusual asymmetrical layout. The whole look may be minimal and abstract, but it creates a festive mood that will get any fan excited.

6. Get Personal

Get Personal | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by Fernando Rojas

These flyers by Fernando Rojas are the perfect flyer inspiration, if you’re into cool and casual hand-drawn designs. These hand-drawn illustrations give personality and attitude to the whole flyer. Not only is the style attractive, but also the whole theme of animals doing human activities is clever and amusing.

7. Colourful Minimalism

Colourful Minimalism | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by Tara-Lee McNulty

This leaflet uses a popular design trend called colourful minimalism. Though it uses simple shapes and layouts, the bright colours and stylized photos bring the design to life. The colours and graphics provide a youthful feel to the flyer design.

8. Visuals in Motion

Visuals in Motion | 8 Inspiring Flyer Designs
Created by A&A Consultancy

This collection of flyers for Noise Division uses bright and interesting colour palettes and visuals that are trying to capture the rhythm and movement of sound. The unusual fonts are a good way to attract attention. The design is modern and abstract, but not too out there.

So now you are fully inspired, start printing your flyers today!