9 Examples of Good Business Cards

9 Examples of Good Business Cards

Nothing says professional like having well-designed eye-catching business cards. Good business cards can bring you good opportunities. You just need to have the right design, material and finish.

Stuck on what kind of design you want for your business cards? Here are some awesome business card design examples that can help you get started on creating your own:

1. Simple, yet Striking

1. Simple, yet Striking | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Aegis Education Group Branding by Tomasz Mazurczak

The branding for the Aegis Education group takes a clean and minimalist approach that has a big impact on all their other stationery print products.

These business cards are actually very simple. However, the complementary colours of the blue background and the red, orange, and yellow gradient are what take it to the next level. The dark blue background is so unusual and striking that it makes the whole business card stand out. The entire look is stylish, professional and respectable.

2. Handmade Feel

2. Handmade Feel | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Personal Business Cards by Marina Cardoso

These risograph-printed business cards by Marina Cardosa really emphasise the handmade aesthetic. The design isn’t clean and perfect. But it’s not meant to be. Another notable detail is that the overprint creates a stamp-like quality that is very whimsical and playful.

3. Transparency

3. Transparency | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Personal Branding 2014 by Martyna Wędzicka-Obuchowicz

Leave a lasting impression by using transparent business cards. While very simple, these clear business cards created by Martyna Wędzicka-Obuchowicz capture the spirit of the designer’s aesthetic. The clear business cards with the quick doodles show playfulness. It is then balanced by the structured and clean design of the folded white paper with the contact details.

4. Soft and Sweet

4. Soft and Sweet | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: SOI by Hue Studio

Illustrations are an eye-catching design option for business cards. Take this project by Hue Studio as an amazing business card design inspiration. They kept the design simple for the side where the contact details are found. On the other side, however, they created colourful and whimsical illustrations of the SOI soft serve ice cream.

5. Text as Visuals

5. Text as Visuals | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Nordic Black Theatre – Rebrand by Umer Ahmed and Haider Ahmad

Some unique business card ideas don’t even need any photos, illustrations, or symbols. These business card design for the Nordic Black Theatre uses handmade typography as their main visual in all of their branding materials.

You may think that it’s boring to use just letters for their business card design. Yet, they make up for it in the colours and the composition. They even used folded business cards to up their business card design game.

6. Editorial

6. Editorial | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: PERSONAL BRAND, 2018 by Daniela Gonçalves

These editorial-style business cards by Daniela Gonçalves is an awesome business card design inspiration for the elegant and stylish.

The fun print using the designer’s logo on the back of the business card exhibits a very playful yet smooth and deliberate personality. It is then complemented by the asymmetrical but clean composition of the designer’s name and contact details on the front side of the business card.

7. Not Intimidating At All

7. Not Intimidating At All | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: PIGMENTO – Logo & Business Card by Francesca Pasini

PIGMENTO decided to keep things fresh and friendly by using a relaxing combination of turquoise, blue, and yellow. They also used an asymmetric layout to bring out a simple dynamic quality to the design. The overall design of these business cards makes the brand appear more friendly and approachable.

8. Contrasts

8. Contrasts | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Beast Editorial by Chris Do and Blind Visual Propaganda

One of the best ways to create eye-catching business cards is by using striking colours. Take these calling cards by The Beast as an example. The contrasting colours of coral and teal really make the business cards stand out during networking events. Not a lot of brands would take the risk of using these colours in their branding.

9. Geometric and Organic

9. Geometric and Organic | 9 Examples of Good Business Cards
Project Link: Plants Republic by Azbuka Studio, Nina Gudz, and Alex Butenko

It is an unexpected choice to go for a geometric design, instead of focusing on an organic feel. Plants’ Republic makes an interesting choice of using a geometric design for their branding materials including business cards, letterheads, and product packaging. They prove that you don’t always have to stick with what’s expected, it’s good to sometimes surprise people with a distinct branding design.

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Business cards are simple tools that make connecting to customers much easier. Get inspiration from these awesome business card design examples!