9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started

9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started

You want your flyer to catch people’s attention? In order to do that, it has to have a beautiful and compelling design that interests the mind to want to know more. Designing flyers can be tricky, and it’s often hardest when you don’t know where to start. There are so many options and styles to choose from.

Get inspired for your first design with these nine flyer ideas:

1. Less is More

1. Less is More | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by TimphanCo Design

Your flyer design doesn’t need too many graphics and texts to catch attention. A clean and simple design can still have an impact and give off a fresh and elegant look.

However, this doesn’t mean it has to be plain. There are many ways to bring your simple leaflet designs to the next level. Use pops of colour or big and bold text. Use high-resolution images that are relevant to your content. Adding these striking elements to your flyer design can surely catch people’s attention.

2. Big and Bold Text

2. Big and Bold Text | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Gary Marsh

Go big and bold with your flyers. Many leaflet designs can still create an impact even without a photo or graphic. Just using big and bold text or typography already makes a statement, giving off strong and innovative vibes. An added benefit is that it can easily be read from afar.

3. Splash with Colour

3. Splash with Colour | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Farjana Yesmen

Don’t be afraid to use colour in your leaflets design. Colours have the power to communicate things words cannot describe. Use colours that align with the purpose of your design.

One of the biggest design trends this year is using pops of vivid colour. It can bring your flyer to life, especially if you’re adding it to a more muted colour palette. It creates a colourful, trippy, and intense look that leaves people curious.

4. Gradients Are in

4. Gradients Are in | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Tonya Mars

Gradients, or “colour transitions”, have been a growing trend for the past few years. You can use them for more than just the backgrounds of designs. Incorporate them into logos, typography, and photos to give a more complex and creative look to any flyer design.

5. Go Geometric

5. Go Geometric | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Andy Skinner

Geometric designs are always a popular flyer inspiration. Shapes and lines can be quite compelling to look at. They also create a sense of balance and consistency.

6. That Authentic Feeling

6. That Authentic Feeling | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by 46&2 // Visual Alchemy

Use high-resolution photos and graphics. Use authentic and genuine stock photos. People are tired of too-polished and staged-looking stock photos. There’s a growing preference for photos that seem like they were taken by someone’s phone or personal camera.

7. Traditional Meets Digital

7. Traditional Meets Digital | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Mayra Coz

Use handmade graphics such as hand-lettering and hand-drawn illustrations for your flyer designs. They give a more casual, personal, and original feeling and can also create a more detailed and dynamic design. Don’t be afraid to use only one colour in your design, it is an elegant and simple look that your customers are sure to appreciate.

8. Asymmetry is In

Created by Yasin Howlader & Keya Akter

There has been a shift from grid-based layouts to something more unexpected. Asymmetrical designs are free from the balanced, rigid and predictable nature of grid-based designs. Create movement and more kinetic energy in your flyers by going with an asymmetrical design.

9. Try To Experiment

9. Try To Experiment | 9 Flyer Ideas to Get You Started
Created by Krlis llinas

If you want to break away from a generic-looking flyer, try experiments with your leaflets designs. Use unexpected colour combos. Try different textures and layouts. You can even experiment with the form, finish, thickness, and the fold of your flyer. Look for different flyer inspirations online.

Experimenting can be tricky since your elements and style may not always work together, but once you get it right, you’re left with a creative and eye-catching flyer design.

We hope we got you inspired to start designing your flyers. What are some flyer designs you think are very cool and inspiring? Let us know in the comments below!