Aluminium & Custom Print: Recycling Best Practices

Aluminium & Custom Print: Recycling Best Practices

Metals such as steel, copper, lead, zinc, and aluminium are very valuable raw materials. They are 100% recyclable for an indefinite time with minimal material loss. Recycling aluminium alone saves 95% of the energy needed for primary production and saves an enormous amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling aluminium

In the UK, it is common to recycle aluminium cans and foil. In case of bulkier waste, such as with aluminium panels for example, it is recommended to deliver your waste to your local recycling centre or scrap metal shop for which, in some cases, you can even get some money back. 

Our aluminium products

While custom print and aluminium are not two words that usually end up in the same sentence, we do offer a variety of products containing aluminium components. The first step here is to know which elements of your print are made from aluminium or metals and dispose of them correctly. 

Did you order a banner with an aluminium cassette? Before recycling your aluminium cassette, reuse it as many times as you can! When ordering a new banner, you can keep your old cassette to place your new print on it. The same counts for our aluminium frames, menu stands, and other aluminium products. The sturdy aluminium frames, signs, and accessories are durable and can be used for a long time to support your print. 

If you want to learn more about how to recycle your customised print products, check out our sustainability blog and join us on our transition toward a sustainable print industry.