A guide to the most beautifully designed wedding invitations

A guide to the most beautifully designed wedding invitations

In a world of Pinterest and Photoshop creating the perfect wedding invitation is easier than ever but what makes a truly beautiful invite? Here are seven of the best to take some inspiration from before you’re thrown into the world of typography and deciding whether to send the invite from you or your parents.

1. Moving compass invites

These wedding invites are not only beautiful, but exceptionally clever and created by hand by the crafty bride herself. The clever compass design allows the recipient to turn the wheel and discover new information about the event. An interactive invite that looks great is going to capture the interest of guests immediately and provoke a quicker response.

2. Personalised illustrations

Enlist the help of a creative friend or take a look at Etsy and have your invitations decorated with fun, cute illustrations of you and your partner. If you don’t want you and your partner featured, then why not include your furry friends, like an invite with a cute personalised image, such as one of your pets. People will instantly recognise illustrations of your pets and know who exactly is getting married.

3. Unfolding invitations

These gorgeous invitations were created for a wedding shoot but are a great idea for those couples looking for a more unusual but still beautiful design. Featuring stunning hand-drawn illustrations and a fun pull out design, this is an invite guests would enjoy receiving.

4. Geometric water colours

There is something so beautifully simple about this invitation, featuring geometric shapes, hand painted with water colours, in bright pastel and orange shades.

5. A heartwarming video invite

When Corey and Rachel wanted to let their family know about their big day they created this stunning wedding invite using stop motion and items of clothing. It is an excellent way of getting the message across without worrying about printing stationery or choosing fonts. Watch the whole thing here.

6. Library card save the date

Okay, this technically isn’t an invite but it’s beautiful all the same. Discovered on Reddit, the user who uploaded the design is apparently getting married in a library and so created this cute ‘save the date’ to tie in with the venue.

Remember, when it comes to wedding invites, personalized and unique is best. You don’t need to spend thousands on your invitations but by adding a personal touch or a handmade addition you will have invitations that guests will remember and respond to.