Why Gift Voucher Marketing Is Essential To Your Business

Why Gift Voucher Marketing Is Essential To Your Business

You might have not yet considered gift voucher marketing as an essential tool for your business but people can’t say no to a discount! Here’s why you should be…

Gift vouchers are an underutilized tool in the world of marketing for businesses but actually, offer a huge number of benefits that you might not have considered.

Firstly, they allow you to get in front of customers who might have not considered you before. They are a simple premise that lets already happy customers essentially promote you, through the giving of gifts at birthdays and Christmas. It’s the greatest form of flattery you can enjoy as a business; after all, a customer wants to share your product with others, as a token of themselves!

Your simple gift cards can also be tailored to events throughout the year and allow your business to take advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities. Gift voucher marketing is essential because it allows you to attract the attention of people in that seasonal period and then again when the recipient of the gift card returns to spend it. It’s more than likely that this customer will spend more than the card’s value, so you should enjoy some further spending as a result.

Gift vouchers usually come with an expiration date, so encourage more visitors to your store or business within a time period that suits you. Set a deadline of three months after Christmas and reap the rewards.

A lengthy expiration date allows the recipient to think about their purchase, perhaps visit your website or store a couple of times and then complete a transaction. It doesn’t force them to spend the card straight away and ensures their experience with you is a pleasant one.

Gift voucher marketing isn’t just limited to retailers though, it can also be utilised across industries – from hotel chains to restaurants to car garages. As a marketing tool it wins for its simplicity and ability to remain relevant no matter the time of year.

You can also reach out to people, through gift cards, by donating them to local events and charities as prizes in raffles or competitions. Those winning the prize might have never experienced your product or service before and you could gain some new, loyal customers out of it!

It’s also a good idea to consider handing out vouchers/coupons to customers when they visit, if they spend over a certain amount. £50, for example, could earn them a £5 voucher, £100 equates to £10 etc, and ensures they keep coming back to spend their money in store.

It’s essential that your staff are clued up when it comes to gift vouchers and coupons, there’s nothing more awkward for a business if a member of staff doesn’t recognise or know how to put a voucher through the till and happens more often than not for smaller retailers.

Don’t underestimate the power of gift voucher marketing and be sure to create vouchers or coupons that suggest high quality and reliability.