Find The Perfect Advertising Flyer Design For Your Business

Find The Perfect Advertising Flyer Design For Your Business

The perfect advertising flyer might feel like an unobtainable dream, right? There’s so much to think about, so many aspects of a demographic to factor into a design and information that should and shouldn’t be included.

Poorly designed flyers are the ones you see hurriedly taped inside your local newsagent’s window, printed in black and white to save printer ink, with grainy images and using fonts that should have been dead and buried a long time ago (looking at you, Comic Sans).

However, discovering the perfect advertising flyer design needn’t be hardwork. Whether you’re hiring a designer or using an online design template to create your own, then here’s what you need to include in your flyer:

Your company logo and name

People need to know who the flyer is from after all!

Something eye catching

It could be a bold colour scheme, a strong font or an interesting image on your flyer to catch someone’s eye.

A call to attention

What are you offering? Are you organising an event? A promotion? Your flyer needs to be clear when it comes to what it is advertising.

But don’t be too wordy, when explaining what you’re offering

Here are two examples:

  • The Cambridge committee of bird watching and afternoon tea invites you to join them this Sunday the 28th to a gathering, involving local birds and a plethora of delicious cake to sample. Bring along your insatiable appetite and binoculars and pay us a visit!
  • Do you like cake? Do you like bird watching? Then come and see what we have planned Sunday 28thAugust!

Okay, those are two strange activities to mix up into a business event, as examples, but wasn’t the second example so much easier to understand? Leave a little intrigue for your audience, let them know something is happening, that it features their interests and draw them in.

Decide on a layout

The spacing and layout of your advertising flyer is integral to its success, boxes and lines will help space out information, making it easier to read and act upon. Make use of leading lines to draw people’s eyes to images or text you really want them to read. This flyer is a great example.

Offer an incentive

Popping tear off coupons or the classic 10% off when you present this leaflet’ feature should see a better return on visitors to an event or to your business.

Be quirky

If you can include unique illustrations from a local artist or an interactive element with your flyer do so, people will always remember the more unusual things. This flyer by the Drop Inn Hostel is a great example.

Take advantage of the seasons

Seasonal flyers are integral to any business marketing campaign, find a reason to publish flyers relating to Christmas, New Year, Bank holidays, Halloween etc. It could be a special deal for a time period or a promoted product.

But don’t forget the most important thing

Your contact details! Your web address, telephone, email, social media handles – all of these should be included in your flyer to ensure those receiving it, or reading it while in the doctors surgery, know how to contact you.