What Does Your Logo Say About You?

What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Your logo is important, everything from colour to layout makes all the difference. Read our guide, featuring some hot logo design tips to make sense of it all!

When it comes to logo design sometimes you can feel a little lost, fumbling with colour charts and peering at lists of potential fonts, all while panicking that your design doesn’t perfectly reflect your brand, the industry you fall into and the message you wish to convey. The pressure is on.

What Does Your Logo Say About You? Colour visual


Let’s start with something simple, what colour is your logo? Colour psychology is prevalent when it comes to logo design and something you should take seriously. Blue is a colour seen regularly on brands, it conveys trustworthiness, reputability and the impression that you are an expert in your field – Barclays, The Guardian and Samsung all utilise the colour blue.

Red is great if you want to convey passion and energy, it also lends itself well to food brands – McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Coca Cola all use the colour red in their logo design.


Next consider how easy it is to strip down your logo, is it still recognisable without your tagline? Can you transfer it across various platforms with ease, such as business cards and work uniform to social media avatars and email signatures? Can you use it on its own and still understand what it is trying to convey? BP, Chanel and Sony are all great logos to look at when considering this requirement.

Logos that are easily resizable and transferable make things easier for a brand.


Your logo should also work as a reflection of who you are trying to reach out to, a company that caters to children or a young demographic isn’t going to get far with a stuffy, formal font and your use of black. Think carefully about who you want your logo to appeal to and understand that this is a true reflection of who you are as a brand.

Finally, your logo design needs something distinctive about it, to ensure it is easily recognisable out in the real world. McDonald’s golden arches are instantly recognisable no matter where you are. If your logo is an image-led design, find a way to make your logo instantly recognisable when it is taken away from your brand name.

Now, with these logo design tips under your belt you should have no problem putting together an interesting logo that conveys your message immediately and is instantly recognisable throughout the industry, right?