Order easily, using our online design tool

At Helloprint you can choose whether you would like to upload your own design, use our online design tool, or ask our professional design studio for help. If you decide to use our online design tool and are curious about the process, the video below will probably clarify a lot for you. If not, our customer service team is happy to help!

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Hi Vivien, In this video, Vivien will show you how you can order easily through our online design process.

When you go to our design tool and choose to start ‘designing from a template’, you’ll be asked to first choose the format you want.

Choose the format and select whether you want single-sided or double-sided printing. Then select the relevant categories you would like to see. You will now see all the designs applicable to that category, and you can select which design best suits your needs.

Then simply click on the design you’d like to use, where you can edit the design to suit your preferences.

Enter all the necessary information, and don’t forget to do the same for the remaining pages. Now click done. For more information about the options in the design tool, you can watch our video about ‘design capabilities within the design tool.”

Now check your design carefully. If you’re happy to proceed with your design, approve the digital proof online.

If you are not already logged in, proceed to the next step to log in or create a free account. This makes sure your design is saved to your account, and you won’t lose your hard work.

Now click on Continue, select the number of copies you’d like, paper type and any other options available. Then add the product to your shopping cart.

You can now proceed through the checkout to complete your order, and before you know it you’ll have your personally designed product at home.

Thanks Vivien! See you again soon! Bye!