How stationery can keep your company in your audience’s mind

How stationery can keep your company in your audience’s mind

Branded stationery is important in any business, it’s a chance for you to not only offer a freebie at a trade show or event but also lets your customer take a little piece of your business home with you. This, therefore, ensures your brand is at the forefront of your audience’s mind, whether they’re rooting for a pen in their bag on the train or sitting at their desk using a branded notepad.

Branded stationery covers a whole plethora of products, from the traditional business card to the unconventional coaster featuring your logo and web address. It’s a great way of ensuring you regularly enter your audience’s mind after the initial meet up is over.

Consider your branded stationery like an extension of your company. It’s imperative that you take great care to ensure it all matches and meets your business guidelines. There should be no alterations when it comes to colour or logo; your audience expects a seamless experience when dealing with your business, from looking at your branded stationery, to your website, to visiting your offices.

Stationery is the perfect way of also conveying a message and you can have yours say whatever you feel is important. This could be as simple as your company name, logo and tagline or stretch out to include the charity you actively sponsor or the event your stationery is being handed out at (to further remind people of where they first saw your business).

Your stationery can take on many uses, from promoting a new product launch to making people aware of new business premises. It can even be used to highlight a change in branding if you are taking a new business approach. Imagine how many new pens and business cards Google had to recently have created!

Stationery could be one of your best marketing tools, surpassing social media and paid advertising when in a networking environment. A branded pen is also a lifesaver when you find yourself at a meeting and realise you’ve left your business cards at home.

Get your branded stationery right and your business should enjoy some further exposure and awareness with the right people.