What is a banner? Advertising banners

What is a banner? Advertising banners

What type of advertising banners are there? Banners, Roll-up banners, Desktop roller banners, L and X banners are all part of the banner family. In this article, you’ll find out what type of /banner-printing you need to convey your message.

The well-known outdoor advertising banner

They are hard to miss because they can be found all over the UK. In different sizes, along the roadside or on the wall of a building. At Helloprint we print outdoor advertising banners custom to fit exactly the size you need. We also offer different frames so your outdoor advertising banner can be easily placed.

The various materials we use are Budget, Standard, Windproof (mesh) and Double-sided blockout:

Budget banner material: These 440 gsm banners are made from low-cost PVC material. These banners are suitable to use both indoor and outdoor usage. The matt coating keeps your design sharp and clear too.

Standard banner material: These 510gsm banners are made from special PVC material for banners, and are extremely sturdy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The matt coating keeps your design sharp & clear too.

Windproof mesh: Are you planning to advertise your banner in a windy spot? Make sure you choose this windproof material. Featuring many (small!) holes, your banner won’t catch the wind.

Blockout double-sided: 610 gsm Blockout Banners are slightly thicker and unlike other banners, not transparent. Perfect to print on both sides!

All outdoor advertising banner materials are fireproof!

Via the banner page you easily fill in your size, choose your material, upload your design and we take care of the rest!

outdoor PVC banner

Indoor advertising banners

Roll-up banners

As the name suggests, the roll-up banner is rollable. Because roll-up banners are easily portable, they are extremely handy to bring to an exhibition or a presentation. But also in a shop, a roll-up banner certainly fits. This can be a great way to showcase products or promotions! Our roll-up banners come with different stands and in different sizes. This way we’ve got something for everyone!

We have four different options to choose from depending on your budget and purpose for the banner. From our promo light cassette to the deluxe chrome cassette we have the right option for your requirements.

Don’t have any design experience? We’ve got thousands of designs that are ready to use. All designs are adjustable to your own preference. In just a few minutes you got your own original design!

Look at our offer on the roll-up banner page or use one of the many designs.

roller banner


Similar to a roll-up banner, but without the cassette. The L-banner owes his name to his L shaped construction. The L-banner comes with a beautiful bag and weighs under 5kg. Of course the L-banner is also printed on high quality and durable material.

L banner


The same as the L-banner, but with a different construction. The X-banner owes his name to his X shaped construction. Due to this construction, the X-banner stands a bit more firm than the L-banner. Therefore the X-banner can also be ordered in larger sizes. The X-banner also comes with a bag for transport and is printed on high quality and durable material!

You can also order replacement material for the X banner without the X structure, perfect for when you need to update your campaigns and promotions

x banner

Do you still have any questions? Please contact us, we’d love to help!