How to inject personality into your brand

How to inject personality into your brand

A brand without a personality is an empty husk, a shell of a company that won’t fare well when it comes to social media, at risk of being called out by consumers as a faceless money grabbing entity.

Okay, that might sound a tad extreme, but it’s pretty accurate and also why it’s never been more important to inject personality into your brand. First, take some inspiration from other brands that have got it right: Innocent Drinks are a good example of this.

This is a brand that knows how to do social and someone you should watch closely on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Not only do they create content that their consumers will enjoy they’re very good at interacting with consumer tweets and involving other brands too.

One of the major fails brands experience is promoting their product far too much. Try to inject your social with fun stuff that’s related to your product, instead of tweeting about your latest promotion 10 – 15 times a day.

Another fun way to inject personality into your brand is to re-consider your packaging. Fun products get pictured and shared on social media – just avoid trying to be too funny like SoBe, who actually offened and worried a lot of people with their ‘Help me trapped in SoBe factory’ printed on the inside of their caps.

This raised a cause for concern about the ethics behind the brand and if forced labour was an issue in the factories. The caps messages went on to stir up quite a storm online, with SoBe eventually having to issue an apology. The lesson here is to think before you act; don’t be that brand.

Your brand’s voice is one of the most important things to focus on. Ensure it remains consistent across your packaging, social platforms and website. Know who your demographic is and appeal to them. If you want to attract young people ensure your tone is light hearted and humorous, if you’re a solicitor you might want to stick with the cold hard facts but also offer a little human touch every now and then for those looking for information on issues such as divorce or personal loss.

Another great way to inject personality is to respond to customers online – yes, even when they’re complaining. And don’t just reply with a generic message, take some time to craft a decent response and get their issue or query sorted as quickly as possible.

Images and videos are also essential to a brand’s personality and are an easy way of sharing content people are going to enjoy. ASOS is doing particularly well of late, working as a brand that conveys a cool older sibling vibe with its fashion tips and funny comments about current events, on top of sharing relatable Vines and memes.

Most of all, your personality will shine through if your business stationery and pitches at events look the part. These are the basics when it comes to meeting a client or consumer for the first time and will say a lot about your business’s personality.

Don’t hold back when it comes to designing and purchasing items such as roll up banners and business cards – these are essential for generating those leads and keeping interested parties well, interested.

Talk to us today about your options. We’ve got all the tools you need to create high quality, professional looking stationery and business essentials to ensure your brand’s personality shines through.