5 reasons why we still all love business cards

5 reasons why we still all love business cards

We think business cards are great here at Helloprint. We think they’re integral to business – even though many people believe that utilising digital only will be the way forward – and aren’t going to go away anytime soon. So, why do we still love business cards?

1. They’re so easy to create

Business cards don’t need to be too complicated. You can get your point across with just a logo and important contact details on high quality card, which can be created easily and inexpensively online.

2. They are the definition of professionalism

As well as shining your shoes and donning a suit, you’ll also be considered more professional if you have business cards to hand out at the end of a meeting. It’s a sign that you are dependable, that you aren’t leaving that company and also offers the receiver an easy way to get hold of you later.

3. You can get creative

Make cheese? Create a business card that doubles up as a cheese grater. Are you a gardener? You obviously need a card that works as a seed packet. Bike shop? Your business card could act as a multi tool. There are no limits when it comes to creativity with business cards and the ones that really get inventive are the ones clients remember and talk about with friends and other business owners.

4. They can help you break the ice

If you’re sweating at an important networking event, surrounded by people you don’t know, you can find it hard to stop hiding in the corner and start a conversation. However, handing out a business card while you introduce yourself can help things along.

Some might consider it poor business etiquette to hand business cards out immediately but we would all feel better if we could have a stranger’s name written down to refer to later in the conversation – we’ve all been there awkwardly trying to remember someone’s name while saying goodbye or later when we get to the office.

5. They can be used in all manner of circumstances

Need to give someone your phone number? Hand them your business card. Want to spread the word about your business? Leave your business card in places where people can pick them up. Sending out important brochures? Pop your business card in there so those receiving them know who to contact. We love business cards simply because they are an easy and efficient way of reaching out to people.