5 items on which you didn’t know you could print your logo on

5 items on which you didn’t know you could print your logo on

Forget that USB stick and put those pens down, it’s time to stretch the imagination when it comes to printing your business logo on promotional material. We have the lowdown on the five things you never thought you could print your details on… but you can!


Fancy a cuppa with your business logo promo? Some companies are opting to have their logos stamped onto biscuits and cakes, which they can then hand out at events.


If you don’t fancy a biscuit then you could opt for cured meat instead. Aptly named Meat Cards, the company behind the idea creates laser-etched business cards that can be eaten afterwards and only cost $20 a slab. Networking has never been so delicious!

Selfie stick

Want to know what’s better than taking a selfie? Taking a selfie and being reminded every time you use your selfie stick of that great sales guy you met at a recent trade show when you noticed the business logo printed on the side.

Follow those vain people everywhere and always remind them of your business by printing on selfie sticks to hand out. Note: this marketing tactic probably only works well for photographers and photo printing companies. If you make chutneys, handing out selfie sticks is just going to look weird.

Nail transfers

Want something even more personal? Then you could slap your logo on some nail transfers that can be worn to showcase your business wherever you are. A site such as NailSnaps allows you to upload your own image and have it printed onto 20 nail wraps, which you can then peel and stick onto your nails.

Action figures

Yep, even plastic figurines can get the logo treatment that you can then hand out to confused potential clients. You could even have a 3D printed figurine of yourself wearing a t-shirt featuring your logo; ASDA (of all places) offers such a service from £49. Have a few printed and leave them in places for people to find – dangling from a bathroom mirror at a trade event or lurking behind the coffee machine at a client’s office.

Logo printing needn’t be restricted to the usual platforms (we’re looking at you, the guy who prints on baseball caps) so get creative and be remembered at your next networking event.