Brand Consistency Is Key Across Social Platforms

Brand Consistency Is Key Across Social Platforms

Brand consistency is extremely important when it comes to social media, here we take a look at how to keep your tone and look on the same page across platforms.

Your branding is the second most important aspect of your business, behind your product of course. You want people to remember you online (after all that’s where everything happens these days) and to achieve this you must ensure consistency is key across your social media platforms.

Social media is the ideal place to do your marketing, as you can pitch ideas to potential customers and interact directly with people, as well as share all that great content you create for your site (you do create great content for your site, right?)

You don’t want to send mixed signals when it comes to your social media platforms, so here’s how to achieve some consistency across the board and help improve your positive brand name recall:

1. With great username comes great responsibility

Your username must be the same, or as close as possible, on all social media channels and preferably use just your brand name. Topshop uses the same name across its Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ accounts and enjoys a following of nearly 8 million in total, proving that being easy to find online (and a reputable brand) is great for your following.

2. Your profile picture is important

You want your social media accounts to be instantly recognisable across the board and an easy way to do this is to use the same profile picture (preferably of your logo) for all of them. This will be one of the first things people look for, so ensure it is there and correct.

3. Colour is also important

Your brand’s colours need to be present across your social media channels to tie everything together. Humans are very visual creatures who associate colours and shapes with things. Coca Cola is a good example of a brand which has achieved this with red running across its channels and encouraging its Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to be seen as one.

4. Understand your audience

Your tone and interactions with your audience say a lot about your brand but you need to keep them consistent across platforms. Consider assigning one person the task of managing day-to-day interactions with people tweeting or messaging you on Facebook to ensure no mixed messages are sent out. If you need more than one person on your social media (go you!) then ensure they are both on the same page.

5. Be original

Original, interesting content will hook people using social media and ensure they hit that follow button. The posts you write on your blog should aim to inform, entertain and educate people and be shared freely and in the same format across all your social media channels to maintain consistency – don’t just share posts on your Facebook page, give Twitter and LinkedIn some love too!

Achieving brand consistency throughout your social media will help ensure your company is engaging correctly with its audience and promoting itself positively across the board. You should also stretch this out across other aspects of your company including your stationery, such as your business cards and flyers, as well as your website. Check you have all of the above sorted and you’re good to go!