How to stand out at any event

How to stand out at any event

Whether it’s a business fair, a public event, or a grand opening, standing out from the crowd is going to be the key to your success. After all, people will go to the business they see. If your competition is going all out to make an impact, you can get lost in the background. However, there are a few easy ways to make your business be the one that leaves all the others in the dust.

1. Flags

Whether you opt for beach flags, teardrop flags, banner flags, or a traditional shape, having a flag can be a major eye catcher. Indoors or outdoors, they can offer a way to put your company above head level, giving people something to aim for from across the venue. It also shows that you’re willing to go that extra step to get noticed and offer your service.

2. Banners

Once you draw a customer in with your flags, don’t let them see a completely blank booth. A banner can totally transform your blank space, turning it into a smaller version of your office. If you’re launching a new shop, a banner can welcome customers to a special grand opening event. In either case, it’s a way of personalising the space and letting them know who you are.

3. Stickers

There’s something about stickers that appeals to everyone, young and old. Whether it’s the fun of peeling them off the backing and placing them on a surface or just getting one as a little bonus, people love stickers. They can also be a great way to promote your business. Whether you opt for your logo and website address or a more in depth image, they can be a way of getting your customers to spread your name and do some advertising for you.

4. Flyers and brochures

A business card is important, and it goes without saying that you’ll have one to hand out. But when a potential new customer walks away from an event, they’ll have dozens of business cards. Getting them to remember you, and what you can offer them, is down to the flyer or brochure you use. This can give them more detailed information and be the key to getting that new customer to come back to you after the event.