Should You Promote Using Leaflets or Brochures?

Should You Promote Using Leaflets or Brochures?

You’ve got the most fantastic product or service – now you have to tell people about it! Naturally, you want the most cost-effective means to do this, but a balance needs to be met with attracting the right customers and targeting them at the right time. But what is the difference between a leaflet and a brochure anyway? Let us explain…

Distribution of an effectively designed and printed leaflet is a great strategy to catch the attention of prospective customers. A document of less than 8 pages, it is an affordable way to spread information about your business to a large number of recipients. Your leaflet may be delivered with newspapers or magazines, left in prominent places or given out by hand. Leaflets can be printed in up to 8 sizes, with one printed sheet commonly known as a flyer; these are perfect to promote events, offers, for product descriptions and as fact sheets.

Brochures are a sales asset of 8+ pages. Because they are more expensive to produce – you have to write the content, design them and have them printed – you will want to be a little more discerning in their distribution. Brochures are created to be kept and referred to; the information they contain will be more detailed than that in a leaflet. The ideal recipient therefore, is a potential customer who has already expressed an interest in your organisation. The language within will be to educate them, inform them and ultimately persuade them!

Both leaflets and brochures have an important place in the marketing of your idea, but to maximise their potential they need to be used at the right point in the sales cycle, with leaflets informing a high number of prospects initially before a beautiful brochure with a luxurious cover converts them into active customers.

Whatever your advertising strategy, your print marketing must be attractively designed, accurate and informative. Inclusion of a response mechanism, whereby customers have to reply for more information, or to qualify for an offer, can help you assess the efficiency of your sales material.

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