Your competition is sending a card. Are you?

Your competition is sending a card. Are you?

Love it or hate it, the Christmas season is here. Your customers know it, and your competition knows it. There are many ways that your business can use the holidays to do some extra promotion, whether you’re selling flashing red-nosed reindeer jumpers, are a corporate consultant, or do anything in between.

Christmas cards

As a minimum, you should consider sending out Christmas Cards to your list of customers. These are a great way to thank customers for their business and remind them about your top notch service. As they head into the new year, you’ll be in the front of their minds when they start thinking about new projects or are looking for the perfect gift to give.

Cards can vary greatly in design, and can integrate your logo and personal message. This makes it easy to find something that suits your style and the type of card that is right for your customers.


Another way to use direct marketing as an end of year boost is through an open house. Everyone loves a good Christmas party, so why not send out an invitation to the customers who are nearby?

Like a Christmas card, this reminds customers of your business, but also has the added bonus of encouraging them to reconnect with you over some mince pies and mulled wine. For many businesses, a holiday party is a fantastic way of generating new leads for the start of the new year without having to resort to cold calls.


Of course, you should also consider the benefits of a calendar. You may think everyone just uses calendar apps these days, but in many cases, if you send a customer a calendar, it will get displayed. This means year-round marketing without ever having to make a call.

Calendars can be anything from a business card they’re sure to keep, to a wall hanging calendar they’ll interact with every 30 days or so. Every style of calendar has the same benefit – a visual reminder of your business and free advertising to anyone else who sees it.

With so much to gain from holiday printing, it’s always going to be worth the cost. After all, your competition will probably be sending something out, will you?