Business Event Checklist: What You Need!

Business Event Checklist: What You Need!

If you want your business event to run smoothly there are a few essentials you need to pick up and details you need to ensure are in order.

We’ve got the lowdown on what to plan and when:

To sum up, you will need:

  • An objective for your event
  • A venue
  • Invites
  • Advertising posters or flyers
  • Stationery (pens, notepads, brochures, banners)
  • Industry expert speakers
  • Plenty of seating
  • A caterer or provisions for tea and coffee
  • A detailed programme of requirements for staff and the event schedule 

One year to six months before

Event planning is tough work, so you must allow yourself enough time to plan every little detail necessary.

Before you start any plans though, you must know exactly what you aim to achieve from your event. Is it a networking exercise? A thought leadership demonstration? Do you want to pick up new leads? Are you showcasing a product? Understand what your goals are first before tackling anything else.

  • Then, set a date. One that works for all those organising the event is best and then guests can respond once you’ve sent invitations out.
  • Probably most importantly you need to decide where you are holding your event, either in your offices or at a hired out venue. Book this early to ensure you can include the address on invites.
  • Choose your medium for invitations wisely; are you going to invite everyone via your social media? Send out physical invites or simply spread the word by email? Understand who you are targeting to get the best response.
  • Work with your team to highlight the areas the event intends to target and reach out to potential speakers. Be prepared to cover their travel expenses if they are attending from far away.
  • If catering is necessary get in touch with a caterer to confirm numbers and prices as early as possible. 

Three months before

  • Confirm times and subjects with speakers.
  • Look into designing and purchasing banners, flags and stationery necessary for the event. We’ve got some great deals on folded leafletswhich can be handed out or left for guests to pick up at their leisure, as well as business cardswhich can be designed in 5 minutes on the site. 

One month before

  • Ensure all stationery and reading material has arrived and that your speakers are preparing.
  • Confirm numbers with the caterer, if these have changed at all.
  • Look into organising a scheduled programme for the event with your team if necessary. 

One week before

  • Organise seating arrangements and any necessary decorations.
  • Send out reminders to those attending. 

On the day

  • Set up the venue and organise seating, décor and where the catering will be set up.
  • Prep your team on what to do, where to stand and who to focus on.
  • Invite your guests, mingle and enjoy the show!