How Important is Colour to Your Company?

How Important is Colour to Your Company?

It is too often that image is left as an afterthought when building up small businesses. As much as a business needs a solid working foundation to run smoothly, dismissing good branding can leave your young business floundering from not standing out from the competition. But, good branding does not need to be that hard. Here we will show you how something as simple as the choice of colour can make all the difference as you set up for your first business fair.

What is so special about colour?

You would be surprised at the difference a good colour scheme makes. Take a second to think of a well known company. The first thing that will cross your mind will be a logo, or maybe even just the colours that make up that logo. Colour makes brand recognition so much stronger, helping these big companies to stand out and succeed.

Colour promotes professionalism

If you can create an eye-catching, unique colour scheme for your company and promote it through all of your personalised printing, then making your company and your message known will become a lot easier. But as much as colour leaves a strong impression, so too does errors and inconsistencies in that colour scheme. What good is it to promote your company with a particular style if that style is constantly changing in tone of colour with each brochure or portfolio?

Get to grips with colour systems

It is important to ensure that your choice of colour is one that can be easily replicated in all mediums. Computer screens generate colours much differently to printers and this can result in colours that look good in a design document being impossible to print out in the same way. Making note of the distinction between CMYK, RGB and Pantone colour systems is vital in keeping the image on the screen consistent with the image on your personalised printing.

Making an impression in the public sphere is the biggest step towards success, and colour is a guaranteed way of making waves. Choosing a strong colour image and working with professional printers means your company will have people talking about you long after getting their first glimpse at your business.