When will your business require a roll up banner?

When will your business require a roll up banner?

Have you considered enlisting the help of a roll-up banner, when it comes to drawing attention to your business? Here’s when you might just need one…

As a business, you always need to capture the attention of your audience quickly and easily and nothing achieves this sentiment better than a roll up banner. If you hadn’t considered when you might need one of these great marketing tools, here are a few strong examples:

1. At a trade show

Want to pack all the relevant information your company needs to convey into one easy-to-view space? Then create a roll up display banner to feature next to your stand.

While offering champagne and cake to get people to visit your stand is a good tactic, it can be an expensive (and fickle) one. Roll up display banners, however, look professional and can answer any initial questions potential customers might have. Ensure your banner features your business logo and contact details too, so anyone in a rush can still make a note of who you are.

2. When you are sponsoring an event

You’ve just paid out a lot of money to sponsor a big event in your city, but how do you let everyone know about it? Well, a roll up display banner strategically placed at said event should do the trick! It doesn’t need to say much, just that you are a proud sponsor, plus your logo and website, which should always be included (and it can be sneakily re-used for other events!)

3. When you have organized a business event

Put down the printer paper and permanent marker… and the sticky tape. It’s time to get professional, with roll up display banners pointing event attendees to the right place. A roll up banner will ensure you look in control and ready for people to arrive – even if you’re still running around behind the scenes, desperately looking for those plastic forks for the buffet table.

4. When you need a professional backdrop

Have you decided to put together some awkward YouTube videos? Or need a decent backdrop for company headshots instead of the boring magnolia walls of your office? Then a roll up display banner is an excellent choice and can easily incorporate your logo and web address to feature behind those people in the shot.

5 When you need to convey information

Roll up display banners are the easiest way of conveying relevant information in an easy-to-view format that doesn’t require you or an employee taking up time to hand out information or speak to people. Pop a roll up display banner in your reception space, especially if it features plenty of reading material for clients who might be waiting in the seating area.

Remember to tailor your marketing material for its requirement. For example a roll up display banner for a trade event will require more information than one you intend to use for a backdrop.

Keep in mind the size and weight of your banner, because you might have to transport it to an event and carefully consider the quality of the paper it is printed on. It’s worth the time and money investment and ensures you look professional no matter what situation you and your business find yourselves in.